Rhetorical analysis and Cultural Artifact Analysis Part 1


Rhetoricalanalysis and Cultural Artifact Analysis

Part 1

Apple’s iPadAir, Chrysler 200, BMW X6 and other artifacts have proliferated inthe American culture and well beyond this confine to expand theallure of American culture in other regions and jurisdictions of theworld. The artifact fits extremely well the American culture that ischaracterized by consumerism (as in popular culture), trendyactivities, fashion consciousness and technological advancementssynonymous with modernity. The American culture values trendypatterns and affiliation with the apex of social, economic,technological and political development. The various artifactsproduced and used within the American culture bear the elements ofsuperiority, in terms of structure and quality, convenience of useand allure. The Apple’s iPad Air comes in handy to manifest thesefeatures. When bought and used in other cultures, the artifact likethis one in discussion invokes the qualities and characteristics ofthe American culture. By looking at the simplicity within thecomplexity of artifacts, superior quality and high-definitionoutlook, it is easy to tell that it is a product of American culture.

Americans, thusshow the propensities and inclination towards popular culture that ischaracterized by the consumption of trendy and fashionable products.These bear the qualities that make them stand out in theconstellation of other products. Being an American thus meansexhibiting inclinations towards fashion consciousness and havingunique style that identifies the American culture. Being a member ofAmerican culture exemplifies the epitome of technological advancementand fashion consciousness. These values are manifested everywhere inAmerica. Particularly, California, which is the home to AppleCompany, is the icon of American culture’s trendy, technologicaland fashion nature. Florida tells it all with its state-of the arttechnology and cultural influences that are of envy across the world.

Part 2

One artifactthat is subject to thorough rhetorical analysis is the iPad air thatis manufactured by Apple Company in California, United States. Theartifact is the latest series of sleek and easy-to-use tabletcomputers that are icons of modern technological advancement. Itcomes in handy in depicting the features of American culture and as ashow of American technological endowment. When this artifact istransferred and used in another cultural context, the Americanculture manifests and represented in those settings. The iPad air isa shift from the iPhones and provides yet another option for users(as in American culture) beside the smart phones for classy lifestyleand convenience of use. It is thin, light, alluring. Actually, it isjust 7.5 millimetres and weighs just one pound (Apple, 2014). Thestunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels (Apple, 2014).

The features ofmodern personal, classy, efficient and reliable transport arecompressed in one American artifact- the BMW X6. South Carolina isthe home to this artifact in terms of manufacturing. It is a sportsactivity coupe and fastback sports utility vehicle that is powerful,athletic and a mid-size luxury crossover that gives owners and even ariders sense of modern transit and class (BMW, 2014). It transcendsall limits (BMW, 2014). These features map the American culture wellthat is increasingly consumer, stylish, technological and fashionconscious.

The other artifact worth a rhetorical analysis is the Chrysler 200convertible that inevitably brings in the reminiscence of Chryslerautomobile and Michigan State (its manufacturing home). This mid-sizecar fits well with the modern lifestyle synonymous with the trendypopular culture. The artifact is vastly superior to its predecessorsand rival cars in other cultures. Its flexibility in physical outlook(convertible) shows the kind of flexibility that members of Americanculture have in terms of switching to the most favorable options.True to its slogan, it is a product of advanced precisionmanufacturing. The three artifacts are subject to thorough rhetoricalanalysis given their rather unique qualities, technological tinge,allure and attachment to American culture that bears similarfeatures.

Part 3

The major claimthat will transcend to the final project concerns the Apple’sproduct discussed in the previous two parts- the iPad Air. TheApples’s iPad Air is the epitome of advancement in computer andcommunications technology and features unique structure, shape andimpression that makes users connected to the state-of-art computertechnology. This claim implies that the artifact is a mark of thepeak of contemporary technology in information communication as wellas computer technology. Reviewers can also infer that the artifacthas string affiliation with the America’s based maker- the AppleCompany. Of importance, however, is that the claim depicts iPad Airas an impeccable gadget that users have to define their consciousnessin terms of modernity, fashion and host of trendy patterns in thecontemporary society.

The claim alsoreveals the outlook or the nature of the artifact such that viewerscan conceptualize and figure out the basic essentials of the iPad,albeit with limited precision. However, the statement that it theartifact makes users feel connected with state-of-art technologysends important insights regarding the device. This is especially thecase when it is put in a comparative perspective. Here, the artifactis depicted to be at the apex of information communication andcomputer technology. It thus means to the reviewers (and perhaps theaudience) that it is more advanced in terms of features, make-up andapplications than the previous and relatively older artifacts of thatkind. In addition, the claim seems to insinuate he credibility aspectof the artifact. The reference to the maker (Apple Company) makes isan important aspect of rhetorical appeal, especially when theaudience connects the artifact with the superiority and dexterityassociated with the Company. This way, the persuasion is enrichedthrough this aspect of rhetorical analysis.

The Project

The artifactthat is the subject of this cultural artifact analysis paper is theiPad Air tablet computer. In this paper, I will argue that theApple’s iPad Air is a unique computer device whose size, shape andfeatures represent the peak of computer technology and imparts userswith a sense of elegance, allure, trend, convenience and class. Thisclaim is going to be proven in the paper by showing the differencethat makes iPad Air the epitome of computer technology advancement.It will also be shown that the artifact has the features noted andthese are the ones that make it a rather unique gadget. Finally, itwill be shown that the users feel that their needs of lifestyle,fashion, class and convenience are met by the iPad Air.


The iPad air isa product of Apple Company that tops the list of contemporaryconvenient and improved computing devices. The company announced thepending release of this product on October 22nd 2013 before theactual release only ten days later. This version is the latest (5thgenereation) in apple’s line of iPads as of writing this report.The artifact features slightly advanced capabilities compared to itspredecessor, the iPad Mini. For instance, one of the main differencesbetween the two models is that the iPad Air is larger screen with alarger screen of 9.4 x 6.6 inches (9.7 inch diagonal) compared to theMini’s 7.87 x 5.3 inches (7.9 inch diagonal) and heavier at justone pound compared to the mini’s 0.75 pounds (Apple, 2014b).However, the difference between the Ipad Air and the Ipad 3rdgeneration is that the former is smaller, lighter and thinner.

The technological features of the iPad Air are impressive. It isfitted with A7 chip, advanced wireless and massive applications forproductivity and creativity as well as decently integrated iOS 7(Apple, 2014). One of the key features that have defined Applesproducts pertains to the high resolution its screens in its range ofproducts. The large 9.7 inch (diagonal) screen has 264 pixels perinch which guarantees grain-free images for movies and even images.The front facing camera is impressive at 1.2MP while the back camerahas 5MP capability. The operating system supports a wide range ofapplications including the famous Safari web browser and Siri whichare pre-installed. Majority of these applications enablecustomization of one device and ensures security and privacy areachieved.

As an owner ofthe artifact, I can attest to the fact that the technologicalfeatures of the iPad Air are top range. This ensures that theartifact compares well to competitors in the market and also that itserves the purposes of a tablet as intended by the buyers. Thecomputing abilities demonstrated by the iOS7, A7 chip and advancedwireless functions among others makes the product ideal forentertainment and business functions. This makes the artifact arational commodity based on its functional and utility it serves(logos)

Its highly developed physical aspects such as screen size, color,lightness, grip and texture and elegance makes it eye catching forevery consumer. The artifacts pricing in the market, which is wayhigher compared to other products that have similar features is basedon the brand and the respect it commands in the market. Apple, as adevice manufacturing company, has managed to create an image ofsuperior quality and customer value in the market such that the valueof a product is judged based on emotions attached to the brand ratherthan the utility of a product. For Apple, it has created an emotionalconnection with consumers based on high quality expectation andtrust. The success of the iPad Air is thus an extension of theloyalty Apple has gained since the first iPhone was released andthrough subsequent products (ethos).

Apart from the technological advancement that iPad Air represents, itis also a representation of the magnificent advances that theAmerican culture and sophistication. Thus, the iPad air is anAmerican based artifact that that presents users with a new dimensionin ICT with its elegant shape and size, convenience of use andsuperior computing qualities. Consumers are not only interested inthe specifications but also appearing tech savvy and possessing thelatest gadgets in the market. For instance, just weeks after theartifact was released in the market, a survey by analytics companyInfoScout showed that it was the highest bought Christmas present atWal-Mart and Target supermarket chains (Rosenberg, 2013)


It is clear that iPad Air, as the artifact of concern is this report,has achieved its status as an artifact of America culture and an iconof American consumerism. As one of the many people who have boughtthe gadget, the greatest motivation to owning one is not itsspecifications but rather the sophistication and class associatedwith one. The product has also received numerous positive consumerreviews but some tech gurus have noted that the product is inferiorto some competing brands in the market. For instance, the highlypublicized A7 chip of the iPad Air can only duo-core than can onlyclock 1.2GHZ compared to Snapdragon 1.5GHZ quadcore chipset availableon Sony’s Xperia Z (Beavis 2014). However, such intricatespecifications are not important to standard consumers. Consumers aremore interested in the iPad Air as modern artifact ofAmericanization, sophistication, class, fashion and style. Apple hasmanaged to develop a product that is associated with such idealsbetter than its competitors such as Samsung, Sony Acer and others.


The iPad Airtops the list of contemporary convenient and improved computingdevices and is a representation of the magnificent advances that theAmerican culture has made in technology. These sub-claims reinforcethe major claim by showing that the artifact is at the peak ofcomputer technology and presents users with sense of style, fashionand convenience. Its ascendancy to the peak is not so much driven byits rationality but also by emotions towards the artifact and thosethat it exudes. The assignment has thus sharpened my knowledge inanalyzing any given artifact. Most importantly, I am more conversantin using different perspectives and angels in analyzing an artifact.


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