Rhetorical analysis and Cultural Artifact Analysis


Rhetoricalanalysis and Cultural Artifact Analysis


Apple’siPad Air, Chrysler 200, BMW X6 and other artifacts have proliferatedin the American culture and well beyond this confine to expand theallure of American culture in other regions and jurisdictions of theworld. The artifact fits extremely well the American culture that ischaracterized by consumerism (as in popular culture), trendyactivities, fashion consciousness and technological advancementssynonymous with modernity. The American culture values trendypatterns and affiliation with the apex of social, economic,technological and political development. The various artifactsproduced and used within the American culture bear the elements ofsuperiority, in terms of structure and quality, convenience of useand allure. The Apple’s iPad Air comes in handy to manifest thesefeatures. When bought and used in other cultures, the artifact likethis one in discussion invokes the qualities and characteristics ofthe American culture. By looking at the simplicity within thecomplexity of artifacts, superior quality and high-definitionoutlook, it is easy to tell that it is a product of American culture.

Americans,thus show the propensities and inclination towards popular culturethat is characterized by the consumption of trendy and fashionableproducts. These bear the qualities that make them stand out in theconstellation of other products. Being an American thus meansexhibiting inclinations towards fashion consciousness and havingunique style that identifies the American culture. Being a member ofAmerican culture exemplifies the epitome of technological advancementand fashion consciousness. These values are manifested everywhere inAmerica. Particularly, California, which is the home to AppleCompany, is the icon of American culture’s trendy, technologicaland fashion nature. Florida tells it all with its state-of the arttechnology and cultural influences that are of envy across the world.


Oneartifact that is subject to thorough rhetorical analysis is the iPadair that is manufactured by Apple Company in California, UnitedStates. The artifact is the latest series of sleek and easy-to-usetablet computers that are icons of modern technological advancement.It comes in handy in depicting the features of American culture andas a show of American technological endowment. When this artifact istransferred and used in another cultural context, the Americanculture manifests and represented in those settings. The iPad air isa shift from the iPhones and provides yet another option for users(as in American culture) beside the smart phones for classy lifestyleand convenience of use. It is thin, light, alluring. Actually, it isjust 7.5 millimetres and weighs just one pound (Apple, 2014). Thestunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels (Apple, 2014).

Thefeatures of modern personal, classy, efficient and reliable transportare compressed in one American artifact- the BMW X6. South Carolinais the home to this artifact in terms of manufacturing. It is asports activity coupe and fastback sports utility vehicle that ispowerful, athletic and a mid-size luxury crossover that gives ownersand even a riders sense of modern transit and class (BMW, 2014). Ittranscends all limits (BMW, 2014). These features map the Americanculture well that is increasingly consumer, stylish, technologicaland fashion conscious.

Theother artifact worth a rhetorical analysis is the Chrysler 200convertible that inevitably brings in the reminiscence of Chryslerautomobile and Michigan State (its manufacturing home). This mid-sizecar fits well with the modern lifestyle synonymous with the trendypopular culture. The artifact is vastly superior to its predecessorsand rival cars in other cultures. Its flexibility in physical outlook(convertible) shows the kind of flexibility that members of Americanculture have in terms of switching to the most favorable options.True to its slogan, it is a product of advanced precisionmanufacturing. The three artifacts are subject to thorough rhetoricalanalysis given their rather unique qualities, technological tinge,allure and attachment to American culture that bears similarfeatures.


Themajor claim that will transcend to the final project concerns theApples’s product discussed in the previous two parts- the iPad Air.The Apples’s iPad Air is the epitome of advancement in computer andcommunications technology and features unique structure, shape andimpression that makes users connected to the state-of-art computertechnology.This claim implies that the artifact is a mark of the peakof contemporary technology in information communication as well ascomputer technology. Reviewers can also infer that the artifact hasstring affiliation with the America’s based maker- the AppleCompany. Of importance, however, is that the claim depicts iPad Airas an impeccable gadget that users have to define their consciousnessin terms of modernity, fashion and host of trendy patterns in thecontemporary society.

Theclaim also reveals the outlook or the nature of the artifact suchthat viewers can conceptualize and figure out the basic essentials ofthe iPad, albeit with limited precision. However, the statement thatit the artifact makes users feel connected with state-of-arttechnology sends important insights regarding the device. This isespecially the case when it is put in a comparative perspective.Here, the artifact is depicted to be at the apex of informationcommunication and computer technology. It thus means to the reviewers(and perhaps the audience) that it is more advanced in terms offeatures, make-up and applications than the previous and relativelyolder artifacts of that kind. In addition, the claim seems toinsinuate he credibility aspect of the artifact. The reference to themaker (Apple Company) makes is an important aspect of rhetoricalappeal, especially when the audience connects the artifact with thesuperiority and dexterity associated with the Company. This way, thepersuasion is enriched through this aspect of rhetorical analysis.


Theartifact that is the subject of this cultural artifact analysis paperis the iPad Air tablet computer. In this paper, I will argue that theApple’s iPad Air is a unique computer device whose size, shape andfeatures represent the peak of computer technology and imparts userswith a sense of elegance, allure, trend, convenience and class. Thisclaim is going to be proven in the paper by showing the differencethat makes iPad Air the epitome of computer technology advancement.It will also be shown that the artifact has the features noted andthese are the ones that make it a rather unique gadget. Finally, itwill be shown that the users feel that their needs of lifestyle,fashion, class and convenience are met by the iPad Air.


TheiPad air is a product of Apple Company that tops the list ofcontemporary convenient and improved computing devices. The artifactis also a representation of the magnificent advances that theAmerican culture has made in technology. Thus, the iPad air is anAmerican based artifact that that presents users with a new dimensionin ICT with its elegant shape and size, convenience of use andsuperior computing qualities.

Asalient example from the iPad air is that the Apple’s product isunbelievably thin and light, powerful and capable of high definitionutilities. It is fitted with A7 chip, advanced wireless and massiveapplications for productivity and creativity as well as decentlyintegrated iOS 7 (Apple, 2014). This example proves that iPad Air isdifferent from other previous versions and brands. Convenience issubstantiated by its thinness and light-weight. Its computingabilities are demonstrated by the iOS7, A7 chip and advancedwireless. This makes it elegant for use and gives users element ofelegance, style and convenience. The example appeals credibility(ethos). The maker is Apple, a renowned maker of computing devices.The example also appeals to logos. These are the facts about thefeatures of the artifact. This example denotes how the artifactcomputes well, convenient in terms of use and stylish/elegant interms of shape and size. This fits well with the claim.


TheiPad Air tops the list of contemporary convenient and improvedcomputing devices and is a representation of the magnificent advancesthat the American culture has made in technology. These sub-claimsreinforce the major claim by showing that the artifact is at the peakof computer technology and presents users with sense of style,fashion and convenience. These are the values and aspects that theAmerican popular culture identifies itself with.


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