Scope Management





Project Developer Tool Management System (DTMS)

ProjectManager: Anita Maharaj


Remodelingand designing an office for the use as a Barber shop within a periodof two months and a budget constraint of $50,000. The project ismeant to be cost effective and future profit levels should beconsidered during the implementation stage. The given time frameshould be the guide post to the team involved in developing the planand implementing. The target market for the Barber shop will includeboth private individuals and corporate members. A proper marketingand advertising plan should be implemented before the project iscomplete. This will involve selecting the target audiences whenrunning the advertising campaign as well as selection of the suitablematerial contents.

Oncethe project is complete, it should encompass the following set ofdeliverables:

  • Design a detailed floor plan for 484 square feet of retail space.

  • Construct counters for the six work stations

  • Build a shampoo bowl

  • Build a counter in the reception area

  • Interior plumbing complete

  • A small table for magazines

  • Painting complete

  • Install mirrors over the counters

Theaforementioned project involves the remodeling and designing of anexecutive barber shop that would serve the general public and alsohave a niche in the market.

Theproject timeline is specified to run up to August 25, 2014 when allthe following should have undergone a crucial vetting and testing toensure the project is complete and do not contain any flaw. The keyfactor is the completeness of the various functions that willfacilitate the smooth opening of the barber shop by specified date.

  • Floor plan design complete

  • Workstations and reception area complete

  • Interior wiring complete

  • HVAC complete

  • Painting complete

  • Certificate of occupancy given

  • Acceptance review and key turnover complete.

ProjectAssumptions – Scott

Themajor assumption in the undertaking of this project is that thebarber shop should be strategically positioned. This means that thelocation should be a highly populated area or where the human trafficis high. The remodeling process also entails the assumption that theavailable building will be of greater use to the proposed project ofsetting up a barber shop.


Themain constraint to this project is the fixed budget already set. Theproject is not supposed to go beyond the $50,000 mark and this act asa limiting factor to the design team who might have smart ideas ofremodeling the barber shop to look executive. Budget constraint inany project acts as a huge impediment to the generation of new ideasoutside the already set scope. Another critical area of constraint isthe floor size requirement. This might not be readily available tothe management team and thus may lead to locating the shop in anon-strategic place. The available mall where the barber shop issupposed to be opened has other two barber shops and this will createa threat to the new venture. To counter this problem, theimplementing team should carry out a proper SWOT analysis of themarket. Finally, but not the least there is the time limiting factor.The design and implementation team may lack enough time to reevaluatethe possible course of action. This is clearly stipulated by thefixed time outlined for the various tasks to be undertaken.

TechnicalRequirements: Bianca

Theframework for the operation of the project is clearly outlined in thelist of requirements and also in the objectives part of the project.Key issue is remodeling and designing the available space into anexecutive barber shop within the given time and bearing budget factorin mind. When the time of handover is reached all the project partsshould be complete and a certification should be obtained. Theproject will be said to be complete when all the various sections ofthe barber shop are complete and ready for operation.

Thefunctionality of any project is tested by the quality of work doneduring the planning and execution stages. Quality materials should beused to meet the condition of an executive barber shop. The barbershop should be complete and ready for occupation by the month ofNovember as stipulated in the deliverables list. All the sectionsthat are set in the list of deliverables should be complete andfunctioning.

Limitsand Exclusions: Jun

Theproject has a well outlined boundary given through a list ofdeliverables and the set date for each function to be completed. Allthese functions are supposed to be complete within the stipulatedtime frame to avoid cases of delaying the project. However, thefunctioning of an executive barber shop cannot be complete withoutsetting an eye catching ceiling wall. This function is outside theproject boundary, but it is a critical one and has to beincorporated. There is no mention of the floor tiles which is anothermajor area of concern for this project. Accessories to be used in thebarber shop also lie outside the boundary of the project. The budgetconstraint is a limiting factor towards the implementation of theproject. All those items that lie outside the boundary of the projectshould be implemented for smooth functioning of the project.

Acceptanceand Requirements-Everyone

Governmenttaxation and legal requirements for the operation of a barber shopshould be researched. The management should acquire sales tax IDnumber to enable them buy accessories and equipments at a wholesaleprice. The project should follow the general rule of law Iregistration and adherence to the state law.