Scope Statement of Barber Shop


ScopeStatement of Barber Shop

Scopedescribes a set of boundaries, which define the extent that a projectwill take. The boundaries usually determine what will fall inside oroutside the project under consideration. Activities, which fallinside the project boundaries are usually planned for in the projectschedule and budget. However, activities that fall outside theproject boundaries are not planned for in the project schedule andbudget. In the project of Mr. and Mrs. James Rowe, there aredifferent activities that will fall inside the boundaries of theproject. These activities will include the following

  • Designing a detailed floor plan

  • Constructing counters for six work stations

  • Building a shampoo bowl

  • Building a counter in reception area

  • Interior plumbing

  • Painting

  • Putting a small table for magazines

  • Installing mirrors over the counters

  • Interior wiring

Besides,the project must be complete by August 25th, 2014 which implies thatthis falls within the project boundary. In addition, the project hasto be carried out at a fixed price this implies that the projectbudget of $ 50,000.00 is within the project boundary.

Onthe other hand, there are activities that have not been scheduled inthe project budget these fall outside the boundary of the project.One of the activities that fall outside the boundary of the projectof Mr. and Mrs. James Rowe barber shop entails installing of aceiling. The ceiling has not been planned in the project budget, butit is critical in the barber shop. Another activity entailspurchasing of equipments and necessities required in the barber shopsuch as shaving machines, wiping towels, Dettol, chairs, washingsoap among others. In addition, putting of tiles on the floor of theshop falls outside the boundary of the project since it has not beenplanned for in the project.


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