Seminar # 9 Part 1


Seminar# 9


  1. I explored the site with the information concerning local drinking water information. One of the lessons I learnt from the site is that one can find information concerning his/her community’s yearly water report through clicking his/her state provided on the map. I also learnt that public water systems should show that their water has met health based standards through periodically monitoring for the existence of certain contaminants. Endorsed analytical methods should be utilized when analyzing water samples in meeting federal monitoring requirements or showing compliance with drinking water guidelines. EPA has the mandate of approving the methods that can be utilized. On the other hands, laboratories, which analyze the compliance samples, should be certified by the state or EPA. Furthermore, another thing that I learnt is that the EPA is charged with the responsibility of setting standards, which are critical in ensuring the water is safe for drinking. These standards protect both the ground and surface water.


  1. Quiz results

Thequiz results indicate that I would need 11.69 Earths in supporting mylifestyle.

  1. There are varied ways of reducing my footprint. I would reduce the carbon footprint through utilizing cleaner transport. This would entail taking public transit when possible and avoiding short airplane trips by taking a train or bus instead. Besides, I would mitigate the carbon footprint through adding energy saving features in the home such as choosing energy efficient appliances. On the other hand, I would adopt habits that save energy such as purchasing carbon offsets that would make up for the energy use, which I cannot eliminate. I would mitigate the food footprint through eating local, in-season foods, planting a garden, and choosing foods that have less packaging in order to mitigate waste. Furthermore, I would reduce the housing footprint by adopting habits that are water saving and choosing sustainable building materials, cleaning products, and furnishings. For instance, using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. In addition, I would reduce my footprint through reducing the goods and services footprint for instance, purchasing recycled products.

  2. Reducing of the footprint is critical in ensuring that the environment is sustainable for the future generation. In case I do not reduce my footprint, environment will not be sustainable for the next generation because the amount of carbon would be much higher, leading to global warming.


Fiveproducts that I use regularly and their ratings are as follows

  1. Garmin-Asus Garminfone


Health N/A

Environment 4.0

Society 4.7

  1. RX Suncare Lip Balm


Health 1.0

Environment 3.4

Society 3.6

  1. Aubrey Organics 100% pure &amp certified


Health 10

Environment 6.9

Society 8.1

  1. Badger lip Balm


Health 10

Environment 7.3

Society 8.0

  1. Samsung Blue Earth mobile phone


Health N/A

Environment 8.0

Society 6.1

Theproducts rate differently in the varied categories of Health,Environment and Society. The ratings depend on their contribution tothe Health, Environment and Society. The category that matters mostto me is the environment category. The environment category mattersthe most since it carries the other categories. For instance, in casea certain product affects the environment category immensely, it islikely to affect the health category. Besides, the health categoryalso matters since in case the health category is not takenseriously, there is a likelihood of society being affected.