Semiotic analysis



Semioticanalysis in advertisement

Itis very important to understand the semiotics as well as ideologiesthat get applied in the field of advertising. Semiotics is referredto the looks at the system of signs without regarding on whether thesubstance is visual, verbal or complex comprising both verbal andvisual. The meaning that has been made a requirement by the societyis referred to as ideology. It occurs mainly as the society tries toidentify the constituents of a beautiful woman as well as identifyingthe stereotypes that are related to beauty. An in-depth look has beentaken to identify the stereotypes that have been associated withbeauty (Blatterer,2005).The picture also gives the ideas on how a woman body should appear.The maintenance of a woman body is also another aspect that iscommunicated by the picture, therefore, elements in the picture needsto get considered such as color, text and also its placement.Analysis by semiotics also considers the targeted market as well asreaders.


Accordingto Dr. Harry Blatterer Semiotics, is best understood by the mode inwhich construction of meaning is achieved when a person studiessymbols and also signs. The signs and symbols in the picture indicatethe meaning that is meant to get conveyed to the audience. Thepicture indicates the shape of a good woman in the present society.The major elements that get applied in the picture as applied in thesemiotics are the signifiers that include symbols and signs and alsothe signified that includes the concept of the brand beingadvertised. The picture should be placed in distinctive parts inefforts to decode the signification process (Vogl,2009).

Pictureof the lady in the magazine have a significant role in suggestingthat women who have a slim body are the most attractive. It alsoindicated that the most attractive women are also the mostsuccessful. There is a difference between the women who are in themagazines and the reality live of women. Women try to conform to thelifestyles of the people in magazines. The visual image in thepicture and the text in the magazine have a complex semiotic system.The picture has the capability of communicating secondary and primarymeaning. Bright color has been applied in the picture and with thesemiotic codes customers are attracted and buy the product(Blatterer,2005).

Dr.Gillian Vogl indicates that an attraction is important, andadvertisers make customers understand how they would like to look toappear attractive to their friends. The codes applied in the picturealso communicate to other people the personality of the personreading a magazine. The person who is reading the magazinecommunicates that she desires to have an attractive body and attractmen. According to Dr. Harry Blatterer sense of feelings andrelationships, results from codes of love that pre-exists aroundpeople. Through the codes, people have learned the meaning of love.However, in the present day to have a slim body, happy and alsoattractive is a lifestyle. It is not important on how to successful alady is but rather to be comfortable (Vogl,2009).

Theaffirmation of cultural identity is achieved by intersubjectivity. Ina similar manner, advertising has its influence on culture andcapitalism. According to Dr. Harry Blatterer, capitalism is a policythat involves making profit in all means including love. It reflectsthe trends and cultural traits. The picture in the magazine indicatesa utopian understanding of the universe and attracts sales due toselling to ladies what they would want to be or their aspirations.Ladies aspire to have similar looks similar to a woman in themagazine. It, therefore, illustrates that women are interested in themagazine so as to define their goals and the achievement they want tomake in the future. They also adopt new technology that iscontinuously advancing (Blatterer,2005).

Theadvancement in the beauty products also causes advertisers to portraysocial ideals. They are present rare moments as well as satisfying aseasily achievable by every person. The picture communicates that anyperson can achieve an attractive body by simply observing the simpleprocedures in the magazine. However, one has to purchase the magazinefirst so as to attain better knowledge on the necessities to have anattractive body. The wording used in the picture is also attractiveto the consumers. After reading the text, a person gets the interestto understand more about the magazine (Vogl,2009).

Accordingto Stuart mill, culture is greatly influenced by representation. Itis the manner in which people seek to represent themselves. Womenfear the aspect of looking ugly. The picture in the magazine offerssolutions to ladies on the fears they may be possessing. The ideologyachieved in terms of culture is that when a lady is not physicallyperfect, similar to the women in the advertisements they would not bedesired by men. The lady in the magazine is made to appear physicallyfit and attractive. Women need the beauty so that they can gain lovefrom men. It also made them feel gorgeous and assured that theirbodies will be gorgeous after they have bought the products(Blatterer,2005).


Thefemininity in the advertisements can get categorized in the elementsof color, text, layout and also the language applied. The person usedin the picture also plays a critical role in the advert. The codesand also conventions that are applied by the advert also serve amajor purpose towards the success of the advertisement. The use ofsemiotics is essential in understanding the message of the advert, itis also important in making the advertisement successful.


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