SexuallyTransmitted Infections Health Education

Sexuallytransmitted diseases have to be a thorn in the fresh to mostteenagers and pre-teens. As a result, studies have been instituted toestablish the disease level of prevalence aided by statistics, atrisk populations, symptoms diagnosis, treatment, interventions.Additionally, various educational programs have been initiated tohelp support and enlighten the pre-teens and teenagers on the dangersof contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Special focus has beenpaid to the following diseases Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, and HIVand Aids. At heart is to ensure that the teenagers involved in theeducational program gain as much as possible from the initiative.This is dependent on the level of interest that is sustained overtime into the conversation. The aim of the project is to ensure thatthe audience is able to get a lot information about the givensexually diseases. This is through sustained interest and givingfactual and real time information to the pre teens and teenagers toensure they gain as much as possible and their parents alsoappreciate the work done to their children. At the end of the programwe aim to achieve full transformation of the lives of the givenaudience.

Tobegin with, gonorrhea is asexually transmitted disease that is causedby a bacterium known as Neisseriagonorrhoeae(Barlow, 2011).Themain symptoms include a burning sensation while urinating to theafflicted persons. This is predominantly with men. On the other handthe infected women suffer from a condition whereby they dischargevaginal fluids. Additionally, they suffer pelvic pains. The diseaseis predominately prevalent among the sexually active persons. Thebacterium is easily passed from one person to the other that isafflicted. Thus, the population that is sexually active remainsexposed to contracting of the disease that may in term if leftuntreated may affect even the heart valves (Doherty,2010).Interesting statistics have shown that one out of four sexuallyactive persons is at danger of contracting the infection. Thisindicates the high probability of the disease presence within a givenpopulation. The infection is diagnosed using methods based onpolymerase chain reaction. Additionally, the gram stain and culturemethods are still used in diagnosis (Zenilman,2005).&nbsp.Thetreatment involves administration of appropriate antibiotics thathelp eliminate the bacteria

Secondly,it also important looks into HIV and AIDs given that it is a worlddisaster that has claimed very many lives.The infections is caused bya virus. The disease is highly prevalent in the human populationgiven it transmitted through a range of actions. Sexual intercourseis the main mode channel of transmission among people. Sexualactivity the probability is that three persons among a group of sevenmay contract the virus if the practice unprotected sex (Zenilman,2005).&nbsp.The symptoms range from contracting influenza that is anopportunistic infection due to a weakened immunity to throatinflammation. Additionally the individual lose weight, experiencessores around the genital around the mouth, experiences headache andrash. As the cd4 cells counts continues falling down the individualsare more prevalent to opportunistic infections hence they suffer allrange of infections due to weakened immunity (Barlow,2011)..Up to date a clear disease elimination drug has not been found byscientist. However, the afflicted people have been usingantiretroviral drugs that help raise the body’s immunity henceincrease expectancy. To counter this various programs have beenlaunched to encourage abstinence and avoiding indulgence intounprotected sex (Zenilman,2005).&nbsp.

Herpessimplex is caused by a virus. It is a viral infection that affectssexually active persons. The infection may take place in form of anyof the two namely Herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2 (Barlow,2011)..Theoral herpes manifests itself in the human body with symptoms such ascold sores around the mouth. However, genital herpes that is the mostcommon form of herpes among the human population is mainlytransmitted through sexual intercourse. The herpes symptoms includeskin infections or mucosa that affects the mouth and face. Thedisease is diagnosed through serological analysis (Doherty, 2010).Additionally, the immunodot glycoprotein G specific test is morecommonly used since it gives 98% accuracy. The disease is treatedusing antiretroviral drugs. Among the major interventions that havebeen put in place include educational program to pre-teens andteenager to abstain from sex.To the sexually active protection usingcondoms is encouraged since women are more susceptible to theinfection than men.

Chlamydiais another important sexually infection that is prevalent in thehuman population. Statistics indicate that 92 million infections takeplace each year (Zenilman,2005).&nbsp..Morethan half the infections affect women. The infection is caused by abacterium. Among the symptoms include vaginal discharge among womencausing cervical inflammation, pain during sexual intercourse, andlower abdominal pain s in women. In men a watery discharge isobserved from the penis that may stain the underwear in additional toburning sensation while urinating(Zenilman, 2005).&nbsp.At risk of contracting are participants in unprotected vaginal, analand oral sex. Interestingly the disease is also contracted throughtransfer of fingers from genitals to the eyes. The treatment issimple through usage of specific antibiotics according to doctor’sinstructions. The disease is eliminated through abstaining from sexand keeping hygiene.

Variouseducational programs have been initiated to counter the spread ofsexually transmitted infections .Among the various programs includeVirginity Pledge Programs, Teen Aid Family Life and ProtectionExpress Program. All this programs are geared towards minimal STDstransmission and infection among the teen as well as pre teens thatought to preserve their lives to enjoy their marital lives later inlife. Such programs have been supported by research to contribute tolessening of irresponsible sexual behavior among the young people(Barlow,2011).This is achieved through abstinence as well as modeling of specificbehaviors

Inconclusion, it is important to note STDs being a major economic andhealth disruptor the only way to reduce their prevalence is throughpublic awareness programs. Through this a lot of information isavailed to the public to enable them make wise decision as far astheir sexuality is concerned. The teens and the pre teens are themain audience for the educational program. This is due to reason thatirresponsible sexual behavior is prevalent among the group.


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