Sheltered Instructional Observed Protocol


ShelteredInstructional Observed Protocol

Accordingto the video, there are some aspects of Sheltered InstructionalObservation Protocol (SIOP) components and features that the tutorfollows in the preparation of his lesson that make the learningexperience for the English Language Learners (ELL) kids anenlightening experience. Some of the features that worked well in thelesson include use of appropriate speech for the proficient studentlevel. The tutor uses a slow speech to ensure that the ELL studentsin the class understand each word. The tutor takes his time toexplain the meaning of the topic at hand, which is MultiplicativeComparison.

Thetutor in the video uses the concept of enunciation. Enunciationrefers to clear and concise pronunciation. The tutor gives aninteractive definition of the topic and makes sure that the studentsnot only understand the meaning of MultiplicativeComparison,but can also pronounce and spell the words. The tutor in the videoenhances the learning experience by using multimedia techniques. Ashe teaches, he displays slides containing the lesson content using aprojector on to the whiteboard screen. It increases the students’participation in the lesson since the content on the screen keepsthem at par with the teacher.

Themain issue that occurred during the lesson is when a student raisedhis arm to ask a question, yet the tutor did not notice. It is anissue because it is the role of the tutor to answer topic relatedquestion raised by the students. Once the tutor moves on, thestudent’s morale depreciates and ends up not asking a question. Itis, therefore, evident that the student lest the classroomunsatisfied. From a personal perspective, a tutor should move to thenext point only when there are no more questions from the students.No further questions from the students mean that the topic is clear.


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