Sherry discussion


Sherrymakes a good argument with reference to the topic ‘in praise of theF word’. According to her, the diplomas handed over to graduatesare meaningless. Sherry sheds light on the reality of education withregard to the flunking system that she praises. While it sounds rudefor her to call the diplomas meaningless after years of hard work bythe students, the truth is that the quality of education can only berevealed when put to test. The test of the quality of education formany is evident when students now settle in their jobs. This is atrying time for employers especially if the students who are nowemployers fail to perform as expected bearing in mind they havegraduated with diplomas. Such a situation raises questions on thevalidity of the diplomas as employers may discover that some of thesegraduates are semiliterate.

WhatSherry is trying to bring out is the fact that the quality ofeducation through the years has gone down. No wonder adult literacyprograms are very much functional for learning more skills thatshould have been taught in schools. To some extent, Sherry is rightwhen she claims that the education system has cheated graduates. Theuse of a specific curriculum and the flunking system in the end doesnot really contribute to making graduates productive. It insteadconditions students to reason in a particular way that may not beapplicable given real life situations. The declining education systemis a result of low quality teachers. The best explanation for lack ofquality in teachers is Sherry experience with her son’s teacher whothreatens to make him fail. The threat worked to make her son makeEnglish his priority as seen in his results where he scored an A.Teachers have to use methods that will force students to pass theirexams such as flunking. Students on the other hand are working hardto avoid flopping and score good grades. Threatening students is apositive reinforcement to make students study harder. While thismethod helps students pass, it is a weapon developed by teachers tothreaten students meaning that teachers have lost the ability orsense of power to instill skills on students genuinely. However, theflunking system worked to make students perform and thus should beused to motivate students who after all are in school to learn andpass.


Inresponse to Sherry’s post, Ryan agrees that deficiencies in thequality of education today are notable. According to Ryan, the debateon how schools systems are failing to provide the youth qualityeducation required for success in the present time is alarming. Ryanlike Sherry sees a generation of students confined to acquiringskills that will be meaningless to them in the future. The mainchallenge in today’s school system seems to be a lack of disciplineand quality education. Students have too much liberty to do what theywant. No wonder they indulge in drug abuse, partying and other badbehaviors instead of concentrating on their studies. Teachers on theother hand, are no longer bothered to discipline them or ensure thatstudents do not derail from their studies. Like Sherry, Ryan agreesthat the flunking system at least contributed as a positive teachingtool. Though it shows that teachers have lost their sense of power itworks to make students study hard and pass exams. There is a need forthe quality of education to be improved through employing qualityteachers. Ryan’s argument is positive and he seems to agree withSherry in the fact that instilling fear on students helps get rid oflong-term illiteracy.


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