Shoot Down of Ukraine Plane

ShootDown of Ukraine Plane

ShootDown of Ukraine Plane


Theshoot down of a military plane by Ukraine rebels has attracted a lotof attention globally. The transport plane had been carrying food,equipment, and personnel service before it was brought down. 49passengers who were on board died during the shot down of the plane(Dyer, 2014). The event is worthy following since there is a highlikelihood that it is the biggest toll that the government forceshave ever faced in a single event during their operation in easternUkraine. The operation in eastern Ukraine aims at defeating the highlevel of insurgency that has prevailed in the region for a longperiod. This event also sensitizes other nations on the significanceof fighting against any form of cynic acts.


Aljazeera,BBC, and Financial Timesreport the shot down of the Ukraine military plane 10km from theeastern city of Luhansk. They also report that 49 people on boardsuccumbed to death. Aljazeerafocuses on various efforts that the government troops have taken toget rid of all terrorists. These operations have resulted to positiveimpacts since approximately four separatists have been arrested(Aljazeera &amp Agencies, 2014). It also reports on severalaccusations that have been hauled to Russia of providing fighter,weapons, and supplies to the rebels.Financial Timesreports U.S claims and accusations against Russia it accused Russiaof supplying tanks and other weapons to the Ukraine separatists. BBC,on the other hand focuses on various vows that have been made byUkraine government in response to the shot down of the plane (Stern,2014). For instance, Ukraine’s president has openly declaredpunishment and war on any cynical acts of terrorisms.

BBC,Financial Times and Aljazeeraportray Russia as the sole proprietor of the cynic act. This isbecause all of them report that Russia has had a hand in the shotdown. Aljazeerareports that both Ukraine and West accuses Russia of supplying therebels with the weapons similarly BBCreportsangry protests and violent by Moscow outside the Russian embassy.Again, both Aljazeeraand BBCreports that Russia has denied all allegations rebelled against it.

BBCreports that the tanks first arrived at a staging area near theborder before being rolled into Ukraine. It also reports that therebels that the tanks spotted near the border belonged to thegovernment. Stern (2014) findings show that no tanks belonging tothe Ukraine government has ever operated in the said region.FinancialTimeson the other hand reports that the tanks had been taken to the cityof Snezhnoe. It further illustrates that the tanks had been kept at amilitary base in the southwest of Russia before being transported toUkraine (Dyer, 2014).

FinancialTimesalso reports that there are plans for both Ukrainian and Russiannegotiators to meet and discuss on various ways that governmentshould adopt in order to stabilize the country. FinancialTimesalso highlights possible sanctions on Russian economy if it fails tostop its acts of destabilizing the eastern Ukraine (Dyer, 2014).


Theslight the differences noticed on how these three articles report theshot down of the Ukraine plane can be attributed to the interest andchief message that they want to pass to the audience. The chiefmessage that Aljazeera want to pass to the audience is the highnumber of individuals that died in the shot down, BBC main message isto assure the audience on the punishment that those who carried outthe shot down will face, while Financial Times chief message to theaudience is to enlighten them on the role of Russia in supporting therebels who carried out the shot down.


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