Social Capital



Social capital

After reading the journal, social capital can be described asreduction in the nature the social person interrelate with activitiessuch as education that do enrich the fabric social lives ofindividuals. Social capital aspect is believed to have an underminingpoint on the active civil engagement that offers a strong democracylevel that is required by the public.

Influences of Social Connections and Technology

Social connection on technology and other social impact of livedescribe disengaged activities that are connected to the involvementof political aspects. Some of the issues that connect to thepolitical issues are voters’ turnout, servicing the community,closely working with political parties and having attendances ofpublic meetings. As well, there is an influence in the socialconnection of the technology with the aspect of the increased levelin distrust to the government (Putnam, 2000).

These aspects have increased the acceptance that there arepossibilities that the public lack trust with the politicalgovernance. This has been evidenced due to the political tragediesthat have been happening and scandals that are associated with thegovernment. As well, the aspect has raised unrelated connection ofeconomic development that has a focused attention to the role that isplayed by the social networks. Social capital has connection on normsand networks that create civil engagement through the powerful effecton performance and representation in governance. Industrialtechnology, efficiency, and effectiveness is based on thecollaboration of workers and large number of entrepreneurs. There isdense connection of interpersonal and inter-organization networksthat are within the ultramodern industries.


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