Ihappened to visit a soccer field where a match was being playedbetween two teams from nearby elementary schools in Pittsburgh. Thesetwo teams were playing a friendly match but the schools had organizedfor a prize for the team that would win. The match had been organizedby both the parents and the teachers of both schools and was aimed atnurturing the skills of young players from both schools. This cameafter the teachers realized that most kids had passion for soccer andthat it was necessary to identify and reward the young players whohad best skills for the game.

Theatmosphere of the field was great with the students, teachers,parents, organizers, and other individuals who had gathered to cheerup the young talents. Some parents were shouting at the top of theirvoices cheering their kids alongside other students. For the players,each player seemed to have tension at the start of the game anddespite the cheers from the spectators the players showed theirnervousness before the game started. After the normal protocols weredone and the first whistle blown, the players changed, their mood andeveryone would feel the vigor in all the players from how they wereplaying and tackling each other.

Asthe game started, all players started feeling rejuvenated and calmedagainst each other. However, a change came when the first goal wasmade. After the goal was made, a pressure was built up for theopponent team and it was clear that they started feeling that theyare losing the game. The other team was gearing up their passion forthe game and from the look of how the game was going, it was clearthat the team that had first scored was going to win the game. The isbecause, the opponent team felt that after being scored the firstgoal, they felt that the other team had more skill than theirs.Before the break, the game was really not on a good note and thefirst team that had scored had a lot of chances to score three othergoals without much effort.

Afterthe break, the coaches for both teams decided to step up their skillsand encourage their players. Everybody was feeling that moreencouragement was needed for the team that was feeling that it hadlost the game. After the whistle after the second break was blown, adramatic change was observed. Both teams had equal energy and itseemed that the team that had been beaten was becoming more skilfulthan the team that had beaten them. For twenty minutes, the team hadequalized the four goals. The game was very exciting since both teamsseemed to be neck to neck and were fighting to win the game. Thecheering from the parents and the teachers encouraged all the kidsand everyone would have wished that the game should have lasted formore minutes after both teams ended up 4-4.

Insummation, the game from the two schools in Pittsburgh was one suchan encouraging one. The kids felt encouraged and nervous during thefirst few minutes but later rejuvenated after the first few minutes.However, the mood changed when the first goal was made and theopponent team felt that they had lost the game. However, thingschanged after the break after the coaches encouraged the kids, makingthe game end in a draw.