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Althoughoften dismissed and characterized by uneasy awareness, the mostchilling facet of human existence is the fact that one day, some howlife will come to an end. Death and the dying process is always asensitive topic such that individuals always avoid anticipating abouttheir death and the dying process altogether. I would take aspiritual approach in anticipating my demise. From ancientcivilization to modern times, religions have viewed humans asimmortal. In order to accept the realities of our own death, it isimportant to accept that human have fail to achieve their ownimmortality. Spirituality and religion gives hope on what happensafter death. This has been a major concern among scholars forthousands of years. The Christian believe assures of a better lifeafter death if we strive to life a spiritual life. Therefore, deathis the beginning of immortal life free from suffering and deathexperienced in the current mortal life. However, accepting therealities of our own death is accompanied by fear. To avoid thisfear, it important to live an enriched life which promotes themindset that life continues after death though psychological andspiritual preparation. Although death is legitimate, the though ofdeath should not deny us the opportunity to continue living. Avoidingtalking about death and end of life will aggravate the fear oftransience. It is easier to fair what we are unfamiliar with thansomething we have confronted and talked about now and again(Elisabeth, 2009). This approach will enable me deal with the realitythat my life is mortal and will come to an end and anticipate my owndeath without fear.


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