Theevolution of technology has far exceeded the expectations of everyhuman individual. It has conquered every aspect of human activities,from medical equipments, gadgets for communication purposes, sportsequipments, etc. down to simple daily activities like cleaning thebackyard and other household chores. Hence, the impact of technologyto human world has been a great influence towards a new level ofinnovation.

  1. One definite correlation between the world of sports and technology is that of Kayla Montogomery`s case. According to reports, Kayla is suffering from multiple sclerosis that started three years ago, a disease which causes numbness on one`s legs because of lesions on a human brain and spine. Running has become one of the main activities for Karla. She had achieved and win numerous running competitions during her high school days and despite her condition, her determination to become a well-knowned runner has been her top priority. According to Lindsay Crouse (2014), the main effect of multiple sclerosis to a human body is that it blocks the nerve signals from its legs down to its brain, causing one`s speed to run at constant motion without any feeling of tiredness and weakness on one`s legs. Many would think that it would be an advantage for her since she cannot feel the pain on her legs unlike others who experienced the opposite situation. However, in my opinion, I guess her issue of having an advantage over the other runners would not really be of help regarding her condition. Excessive exercise and other extreme activities would trigger weakness and instability on a human body. According to Sarah Welch (2014), &quotFollowing every race, her legs crumble beneath her as soon as she stops running. As she strides out to a brisk pace, her legs become numb and as a result, they will only support her while she is in motion.&quot Having a condition of multiple sclerosis will never be an advantage to any athlete. For Karla, her diagnosis of having such condition would often make her collapse, staggers and crumples for every extreme activities that she had engaged with. Hence, many experts said that if she continue to engaged in such activities, there would be possible dangers with the condition of her body. It may result to a more dangerous situation, and there is a great possibility that in she cannot run anymore in the future. However, in the first place, it was not her intention and desire to have such kind of condition. It was not her dream to be an advantaged runner because of her condition. As what Crouse (2014) had mentioned in her article, &quotMontgomery’s life resembles that of an ordinary high school track athlete.&quot She was just a simple teen who aspire for her dreams in life, and for her, nothing would hinder in conquering her dreams in life.

  2. Major League Baseball (MLB) has become one of the most prominent activity in the world of sport today. For over the years, MLB has become one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States. With regards to the relationship that exists between social media and other non-professional sports in the United States, the central domain for its connection lies on the applicability of modern technologies to provide a meaningful data to be generated by the media down to its audience. Technology is really a significant tool for the different kinds of sports coverage in the media. Not only does it allow all of these forms of media to be made accessible to the public, but it also allows features like photo finishes, instant broadcast replays, split times videos, etc. According to Tyler Hissey (2014), social media and MLB can be interlinked through the different social networking sites that can readily post status, comments, videos, and images using the Internet connection. Its audience can easily access the events in the MLB through the tweets in Twitter, posted status in Facebook and Instagram, as well as real-time response in other social networking sites. Moreover, the intention of various social media to provide real-time updates on different kinds of non-professional league sports is to attract more audience and reach potential customers to engage an active participation for the benefit of both parties. Sports media can either be through television, radio, internet, newspaper, magazines, etc. – all of which can be very helpful on providing an up-to-date information about the different events in the world of sports. Also, many social media programs in the United States also wanted to provide a connection between the different teams in a specific sports league with their fans. &quotThrough our social media initiatives, we have been determined to find a way to connect with the fans and encourage many to get involved&quot (Hissey, 2014). Basically, in providing a live broadcast of a high school track and field team competition, sports media can either use newspapers and magazines for the summary of events. There is also an option for live telecasts using radio announcers or live television broadcasts. Hence, for such non-professional sports league, usual sports telecasts and broadcasts are widely used. However, according to Sean Walsh (2014), the use of social media in linking different kinds of sports and its audience shall provide the next series of steps on how to use it properly. Hence, &quotthe most defining factor that makes it so important that sports recognizes social media is the fact that the audience is fanatical to an almost dogmatic level&quot (Walsh, 2014). Thus, there shall be a determining factor involved so as to provide a defined meaning and connection between sports and the audience.


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