Strategic Intelligence



Collectionmanagementis the organization and management of the process of intelligenceinformation gathering from various sources. The role of thecollection department in an intelligenceorganizationis not to analyze the importance of the information it collects, butmay attempt basic validation of the same. The process is cyclic asintelligence needs are gathered, new intelligence needs are generatedin the process, and also brings about new sequence of intelligenceneeds2.

Intelligencehas two main functions collection and analysis. The other leastknown roles are covert action and counterintelligence. The need forcollection and analysis is widely understood and acknowledged covertaction and counterintelligence as intelligence functions are however,less appreciated.

Functionsof intelligence collection management is to support this gathering ,correlation, evaluation and analyzing of intelligence, in order toidentify potentialthreat or threat tothe security ,or even inbusiness. Such intelligence gathered regarding threats or perceivedthreats helps to fulfill the strategic counterintelligenceresponsibilities2.

Themain collection areas are – human intelligence(HUMINT),signals intelligence(SIGINT),and imagery intelligence (IMINT).To address the complexities of dealing with such information seriouscollection management systems are in place to validate thesecomplexities and prioritize them3.

CIAin its long years of existence has developed model for itsoperations. The operation process is depicted conventionally by amodel known as the Intelligence Cycle .On loop side the model doesnot show the intelligence elements and does not capture the processaccurately. This makes comprehending the challenges of intelligenceanalysts difficult. Errors that can occur are also not wellrepresented .These shortcomings make it vulnerable to error andfailure. The model should be remodeled to clearly show the targetedgoal, or when used its limitations should be discussed beforehand.There is need for a model that clearly represents all the elements ofthe intelligence process and the underlying factors. The separationof analysts from the National Clandestine Service only disconnectsthe analysts from this crucial arm of the service. &nbsp TheNationalClandestine Service(NCS) is the clandestine wing of the (CIA).Its functions arecoordination, evaluation of intelligence service clandestineoperations across the breath of the country. Analysts should beincluded for seamless operational information flow4.


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