Strategy and Positioning – Oreo Company


Strategyand Positioning – Oreo Company

  1. The organization`s industry category

OreoCompany produces Oreo cookies.Using the ThomsonReuters Business Classification method,Oreo belongs under the economic sector known as the Non-CyclicalConsumer Goods &amp Services(code 54). It then falls under the business sector known as theNon-CyclicalConsumer Goods &amp Services(code 5410). This puts it in the line industry group known as foodand tobacco(code 541020). Eventually, under the industry category, Oreo Companyfalls under the foodprocessing industrycategory (code 54102020) (Mitra &amp Mitra, 2011).

  1. How the organization solves the target`s needs

Meetingconsumer or the target’s needs is important for any profit makingorganization. This way, the company not only maintains its currentconsumer base, but also attracts new clients to its products (Kim etal., 2002). Some of the common expectations of consumers includespeedy and efficient service delivery, high-quality goods atreasonable prices, prompt response to consumer inquiry, andsufficient stock among others. Meeting consumer needs help in themaintenance of consumers because the company is able to attract eventhose who are first time consumers and may have accidentally landedon the product. Moreover, when a product of a particular company ismeeting the needs of its new clients, they are bound to turn intoregular consumers. This is the strategy which Oreo Company employs.

Therefore,Oreo Company maintains the needs of the consumers by ensuring thatits products, Oreo cookies, are always in stock and never run out inboth major and minor stores. Due to this stability in production, thecompany has been able to expand its consumer base and now the productis available worldwide. This company is quite keen on consumerfeedback and since it has constantly received positive feedbackregarding the cookies, the ingredients that are used in itsproduction have stayed the same over the years.


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