Stress Management Strategies


StressManagement Strategies

Stressrefers to a reaction that upsets the normal functioning of the bodyeither physically or mentally. It may affect people’s livesnegatively in myriad ways thus, the need to practice healthy stressmanagement techniques (Tummers, 2013). One of the most commonly usedtools for stress management is exercise. Physical activity helps indistracting a person’s mind off from the stressing conditions.Sometimes when a person is stressed, it is essential to distract themind from the stressors for some time and focus on something else.Likewise, physical activities decrease the stress hormones while atthe same time increase some chemicals that make the body feel good.

Therefore,whenever a person is stressed up, it is prudent for him or her tovisit the gyms. Stressed up individuals may also decide to walk forlong distances or run. Additionally, physical exercises help peopleto feel good about their bodies. Thus, it is advisable for people topractice regular physical activities to not only to ease stress, butalso make them feel good about their bodies (Tummers, 2013).

Holisticapproach to stress management is also highly recommended by healthpractitioners. Cognitive restructuring has long been recognized as aneffective holistic approach to stress management (In Edelman et al,2014). It focuses on changing a person’s attitude in any givencircumstance. Stress is inevitable however, changing one’sattitude towards something may help in coping with stress. It isadvisable for pessimists to change their attitudes and focus on thepositive aspect of anything. Usually, negative thoughts are known tocontribute greatly to stress in various situations. Such thoughtsdepress individuals’ mental and physical wellbeing in the long run.As such, stress management experts emphasize on the need to changeone’s negative attitudes and replace with positive ones. Thisprocess of changing people’s perceptions and attitudes is referredto as cognitive restructuring.


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