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The main issue discussed in the power point presentation is theretrogressive practice of female genital mutilation. The practice issaid to be mostly practiced by Muslims in Africa, as well as othercountries such as Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The author points thatthe practice is done in an unhygienic ways leading to excessivebleeding and even death. The practice has been denounced by theinternational community (Kristof &amp WuDunn, 2009). Tostan is oneof the major programs in Africa, which aims to empower Africancommunities and foster positive social change. The program hasachieved tremendous success in helping communities to abandon femalegenital mutilation. FGM is a social problem, which requires changesin attitude. The government and leaders of the African countries thatpractice the vice should be leading in the fight against FGM. Thewestern countries must, however, provide them with money and otherforms of support (Kristof &amp WuDunn, 2009).

Gender equality and educating the girls has been cited as the mainways through which FGM can be eliminated. Educating numerous girlswill lead to a reduction in national poverty, as well as increase thepool of the skilled labor force. Women should also be incorporatedinto powerful political, corporate and government positions, whichwill enable them to influence the campaigns against FGM (Kristof &ampWuDunn, 2009). The empowerment of the girl child has also been citeda significant approach towards dealing with the vice in the Africancountries.

Essay one peer review

The essay has clearly explained the historical and currentobjectives of America’s involvement overseas. The shift of focus inthe overseas by Americans from that of expanding their beliefs tothat of trade and seeking markets has also been clearly brought out.This point is also evident in the class materials and discussions.Class materials indicate that America sought to expand its marketabroad due to the increased productivity (Haass, 2014). However, theessay does not provide a clear link between industrialization and theshift of the America’s interests overseas. It is, however, notablethat industrialization brought along increased production of goodsand services and therefore America was looking for an external marketfor the products.

Whereas the essay has provided the example of Philippines as one ofthe foreign countries that America took over, it does not provide anyexample of a country that America helped restore peace. Restorationof peace and democracy has been cited as one of the main objectivesof America’s involvement overseas. The last section of the essayfocuses on the Japanese choice to buy their own products for thebaseball sports. It would have been critical for the author toprovide reasons why Japan failed to buy the American products. Classdiscussions and materials have indicated that the Japanese productswere cheap and hence Japanese opted to buy from their localindustries (Haass, 2014). Despite the few errors in the essay, it isevident that the essay has portrayed a clear picture of the America’srole overseas and how it has shifted over time.

The involvement of the United States overseas has come to be a hotlycontested issue in recent years. Critics have argued that America’sinterest abroad are more than just economic gains. For instance, theinvolvement of the American government in the war against Iraq waslargely based on imposing democracy on the country (Haass, 2014). Thegovernment and the politicians now bring forth the issue of spreadingdemocracy to other overseas countries, but the greatest question ismust the United States impose its values and policies to otherforeign countries?

Essay two peer review

The essay starts with explaining why America got involved overseas.Hard economic times forced America to look for markets overseas.Although the essay states that America faced financial crisis afterthe World Columbian Exposition, there is no clear indication of theconnection between the exposition and the financial crisis. It wouldbe imperative to bring out the link between the two. Research hasindicated that the event was followed by industrial revolution whenthe spirit of the American people was rejuvenated (Haass, 2014). Theexplanation of the America’s involvement overseas for markets hasbeen justified. The essay continues to discuss albeit briefly, thevarious American principles and cites expansionism as the key value.This appears to be critical since America’s involvement overseas isas a result of expansionism and therefore it forms the basis of thepaper.

Although it has been clearly stated in the essay that Americachanged from the land of expansionism to diplomacy of expansionism inthe late nineteenth century, there are no reasons given for thechange. It would be essential to highlight the rationale behind thechange in the form of expansionism. Research has indicated that thechange was as a result of seeking peace between the America and theforeign countries, as well as reducing causalities (Haass, 2014).However, research has indicated that this diplomatic approach is notentirely diplomatic. America has been involved in numerous conflictsand wars. For instance, the war in Iraq and Somalia (Haass, 2014).The US attempts to impose its policies and values to other countries.Numerous people have raised questions over the involvement of theAmerican nation in foreign countries. Could the world have beenbetter without the intervention of the United States abroad and itsimperial powers?


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