Therole of art in the modern society cannot be downplayed. Art hascontinuously been important to various players in the diverse fieldssuch as television production, film production and also in theadverts preparation. Historical art works done by the differentestablished painters, sculptures and architectures have continued tobe of importance to the people in the diverse ways. The followingsummary seeks to give an overview of the role of art in the modernsociety to the diverse players and their specific needs.

Tobegin with, the historical art works have been of value to productmarketer that tend to leverage on the popularity of the pieces of artto sell their products. By using them the firms are to get moreattention from the potential customers. Secondly, the historicalartistic works have been of great importance to the film makers. Thefilm makers have been able to help their audiences come to understandthe history through viewing of the historical artworks .Through theincorporation of the historical arts, the films have been able to bemore entertaining to the viewers thus making more sales due to suchenhancements. Additionally, through the films, various organizationshave been able to hammer various points to their audiences aboutvarious societal values. An ideal example being the art works byAmrita Sher –Gil that reveal the issues relating to the womenoppression in the society. The art she has done has been used byvarious organization producing films to bring forth the idea of womenoppression being present since longtime ago. To sum it up, it is alsoimportant to note the role played by the historical artworks intelevision productions. The historical artworks have been used in thetelevision productions to enhance the quality and increase viewershipof the various productions. Additionally, their uses in theproductions help connect the past event to the current generations.