Visualartworks combined with writings have been known to man over a longperiod of time. However, a cultural movement named Surrealism wasconceived in 1920s and it became well known for its s quality visualartworks combined with writings. The profound objective of formingthe movement was to provide a solution to the conflicting scenariosof dream and the reality that would paint illogical scenes withprecision in photography. They created unique creatures from thenormal objects and came up with techniques in painting that wouldgive an opportunity for unconscious to let known its idea. Surrealphotography features the element of astonishing, unexpectedcomparison of items and non sequitur. This is due to the high levelsof creativity involved in the activity. The activity demand fullconcentration for true picture intended to be seen. As a result thesurreal photography is used effectively to make the intendedimpression .the relevant message is passed as well to the audience.

Thebeginnings of surreal photography dates back to 1920s.This were as aresult of Dada’s activities in the course of the world war 1.Pariswas the major center for the Surreal Movement. In the later yearsthat are 1920s onwards the movement spread across the globe. As itspread it led to led to changes in the genres of literature, music,filming, in the globe. The main intent of the surreal photography wasphilosophical to deliver certain messages to the public. The variousscribes and artist based in Paris before the world war who were laterdispersed participated in Dada`s activities. They believed that thewealthy had caused the world war .The scribes and artist got involvedin the demonstrations using the Surreal photography techniques topass on messages intended especially to the bourgeois. Post world warthey all returned to Paris to continue with the Dada activities. PoetBreton’s launch of first manifesto of Surrealism in 1924 isconsidered as the official launch of Surrealism (Walker,2002).&nbsp

Themain reason for the development of Surrealism was for thephilosophical use to help depict imagination in the wake of normaldepictive range of imagination (Bate,2004).&nbspPhilosophersbelieved it was important to help people see their imaginationsrepresented in artistic impressions hoping that it would lead to ahigher rate of societal transformation to having better values andnorms as explained by Walter Benjamin. The philosophers used dreamanalysis mechanism to come up with logical sequences that would makesense to the public. The artist also used comparison methods of twototally different situations to come up with required emotionalattachment from the audience (Marsh,2003).As a result the artist would be able to encourage people to changetheir thinking and perspectives. The artist at getting extreme eventsjuxtaposed to ensure that the effect on the public is profound andhas a long lasting effect in the minds of the people. A number ofpeople though Surrealism photography to be madness due to lack ofunderstanding of the subject at all levels. Failure to understand thepurpose of Surrealism that was to liberalize the peoples thinking ledto little delay in the revolution of human race.

Photographyoccupied a main role in the Surrealism movement (Bowker,2013).&nbspAmongthe key figures in the Surrealism photography was Man Ray and MauriceTabard. In their works of surrealism they used various procedures tobring the vivid effects. First, double exposure was used. Secondly,combination printing also was used combined with solarisation andmontage triggering the attachment between dreams and reality. To makeimages uncanny rotation and distortion were employed by thephotographers. Han Bellimer created sexualized images while ReneMagritte used to create photographic copycats of the paintings(Walker,2002).Surrealist inversion done by Dora Maar makes an ugly and unappealingobject appealing to the eyes the object used is the baby armallindohang in formaldehyde. The cast is used to show the various faces ofnature if well utilized by man (Bate,2004).&nbsp.The intention of the activity is to enable positive development inhuman behavior.

Thekey photographers such as man ray whose solarisation technique becamepopular in production of portraits photographs that were used to helpshape the future thinking of the society by the philosophers. Enigmaof Isadore Ducasse is his most popular work of 1920.the other photographer is Raoul Ubac he is a Belgian remembered for hismanipulation of chemicals on the photographic print as ideally shownby the Woman Cloud (Gernsheim,1991).The other photographer that made serious contribution is Claude Cahumknown by actual name as Lucy Schwob who lived between 1894 and1954.she is remembered by the people for her works an ideal examplebeing self portrait photograph showing her dressed like a man. Sheadded creativity showing her resembling like a doll. The other keyphotographer was Wols born as Alfred Otto he lived between year 1913and 1951 .the German photographer is well remembered for his Surrealphotography of kitchen items, utensils and some skinned animals.

Additionally,Surrealism in photography was meant to bring to light perversesexuality in the society (Marsh,2003).&nbsp.It was also meant to expose the detrimental effects of wars andviolence at both family levels as well as at national levels. Thiswas to help shape the thinking in the society towards varioussubjects by wielding emotional suffering on those that viewed thephotographs. The other purpose of Surrealism was to bring revolutionchange in the society with respect to various subjects across theglobe. Surrealism is also meant to help individuals understand dreamsto form part of their reality as indicated in Sigmund`s works.Furthermore Surrealism also allowed artist to express their deeplyheld thoughts on various subjects such as anger and hunger

Theimpact of Surrealism on the modern society cannot be under estimated.Politics Surrealism has been used by competing parties to depictother parties as being less able to deliver development through usageof photographs(Bate, 2004).&nbsp.However the level of penetration of the art of Surrealism differsfrom region to the other. An ideal example of Surrealism in politicsis the representation of the division between communist andanarchist. Where by the Surrealist were supporting the communist.Surrealism has also influenced many writers in the post modern erathat are alluding to surrealism directly or indirectly. An idealexample is Beat writers who indicate great influence due toSurrealism. In the modern society, the view of Surrealism is criticalamong the females that view it as male object to make women act assubjects to men across the divide. However, the critique has been metwith opposition as Surrealist argues that women have allocated equalrights and freedoms (Walker,2002).The marginalization of women has raised serious questions towards theeffectiveness of Surrealism towards societal change since the male ismade to look dominant always. Surrealism photography has also beenused by activist in modern society to elicit emotions from the publicthus lead to change. Additionally it has been used to encourage theart of hand work among workers the mental stimulation usingphotography.

Finally,surrealism photography has played a major role in shaping the societythrough the various contributions made by surreal photographers inthe society over the years. It affects will continue being profoundacross all years due to its emotional appeal to people of all walksof life.


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