Swimming contest observations

Swimmingcontest observations

Observationsof a swimming contest

Ivisited the Woodrow Wilson Aquatic Center, which is located inWashington D.C where the swimming competitions of high schoolstudents were being held. The tournament was carried out in the monthof august in the year 2013. I managed to make various observations asdiscussed in this document. The atmosphere was conducive bearing inmind that the United States experiences summer in the month ofAugust. The weather was sunny hence being favorable to the athletes.The tournament was also carried out from noon time when the sun washot hence warming the pool water slightly to make it a little bitfriendly for the athletes (Colwin,2002).&nbsp

Thecoaches for every team were there for them showing confidence in themand encouraging them. Each coach possessed a winning attitude as theyencouraged their trainees to remain focused, and there was hope forthem according to the training they had given their trainees. Theyalso reminded their trainees some of the tactics they believed wereessential to ensure that they compete favorably. The reminder wasalso essential in helping the athletes to maintain a winning attitudeand spirit high which was a very crucial aspect for them to win. Theparents, relatives and friends of the athletes were also by theirside expressing great confidence in them and showing a winningattitude towards them (Hannula,2003).&nbsp

Someof the parents promised their children who were athletes enticinggifts as a sign of motivation. These promises played a great role inthe determination of the athletes especially in a contest with thepromised athletes with showing great focus and determination. Theparents and friends of the athletes also revealed their support totheir preferable athlete both before and during the contest. Whilethe contest was underway, the coaches, parents and friends expressedtheir support by cheering the athletes by shouting their names andoffering encouraging words such as “you will make it.” Thecoaches also offered their support by exclaiming some words thatseemed to be understood by the athletes only. They were the tacticsthat would see them emerge victoriously (Lucero,2009).&nbsp

Allthe athletes looked very focused and determined to win thecompetition before and during the contest. Each athlete tried his orher level best to make sure that he or she out does his or hercompetitors. Every athlete seemed very keen to pay attention to thewords the crowd was shouting to them especially their coaches. Mostof the competitors who emerged victorious revealed the signs ofwinning after a particular statement got made to them by theircoaches. However, others exhibited signs of winning from the verybeginning with them revealing more swiftness than their competitors.However, others failed to emerge winners just close to the finishingline (Lynn,2006).&nbsp

However,as the nature of every competition there must be a winner and aloser. The win and loss imparted varying attitudes with the athletesrevealing varying emotions. The winners of the contest showed ajovial mood with extreme celebrations. Their coaches, parents,relatives and friends also joined them to crown the celebrations.Every party revealed their unique way of celebrations. The losers ontheir side revealed regretting attitude and seemed very heart broken.Family members, coaches and friends, however were there to comfortand encourage them to make sure that they do not feel alone (Hannula,2003).


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