HIVand AIDs Health Education Program Outline


Theinitial step in the organization of health education program toteenagers at Tamara Adams centre involves making of appropriate heathcommunication to all the concerned parties.

Theparents’ permission will be sought by the concerned teenagers setto attend the event. The teenagers will be required to bring signedslips from their parents showing the have been given the green lightto attend the training.

Moreover,for the teenagers that come outside the centre will be required toacquire permission from the management of the centre to ensure noscuffles are reported.

  1. The training will involve usage of written materials and video presentation to ensure that the teenagers’ lives are impacted positively. Furthermore, the teenagers will be involved in group discussions to ensure that they fully understand the topic.

  2. Secondly, the teenagers will be assigned some assignments to be presented on the next visit to the unit for health education program. this will help ensure consistency of the program thus making greater impact

  1. An award will be promise to the teenagers that demonstrates great understanding of the topic on the next meeting based on the assigned assignment. This will act as a motivator creating greater interest among the teenagers to more about HIV&ampAIDs.


Inthe second step of the training the teenagers will be provided withan opportunity to acquire specific skills in relation to HIV&ampAIDs.Specific knowledge will have to be acquired at this stage.

a. Charts that are drawn indicating various stages in HIV &ampAIDscycles will be displayed to the teenager to give them the vividdescription of the topic. Additionally this will aid the creation ofmental pictures the teenager’s minds. For example a diagrammaticchart will be used to show the stages of HIV&ampAIDs. This isaddition to the indication of the various items that encourage thespread of the sexually transmitted infection. Importantly, the properusage of a condom will also be demonstrated in the course of thesession to ensure that the youths use them efficiently

b. Permission will be sought from the management to fix some charts atthe unit centre notice board to ensure continuous learning of thekids

c. Clearerguide lines at this stage will be developed on how to ensure thateach teenager adheres to the taught principles in the training. Tothis effect, a special slip will be prepared with the managementpermission allowing for the parents to constantly enquire from theirchildren how far they have gone as far as implementation of healtheducation training is concerned.

III.The third step involves inviting the guest speaker that will talk tothe students and also kick start an intergroup challenge amongvarious participants in the challenge. The students should be dividedin group of five and they should compete for a trophy to be decidedon the actual day. The guest speaker main task will be to underscorethe importance of getting protected from contracting HIV and AIDsinfection that is sexually transmitted.

  1. After the competition the participants will be divided into other groups that are based on age as well as gender to address specific key issues in the society. Ensuring a greater impact is made in the society.

  1. Additionally the already previewed videos will be analyzed at a greater details to identify the get the key teachings in vivid manner

  2. Finally the participants will reassemble at the main hall where winners will announced and dates of the next training sessions announced