Targeted Messaging


Compare the messages these magazines communicate to men and women.

In comparing the messages in men magazines and women magazine Irealized that both magazines seem to communicate the same message.Both magazines seems to follow a general formula these is because menmagazines focuses heavily on eroticized women image which is the samecase for women magazine. Another comparison on the magazines is thatmen magazines tend to pass messages meant to make them feel greatabout themselves (Susan, 2007). On the other hand, women magazinesthat I read seemed to suggest that there was something wrong withwomen that need fixing thus most messages seemed to be advice.

Examine the effects of media messages about gender roles on yourpersonal identity.

The effect of media messages in regards gender roles on an individualpersonality is that the media seems to suggest women and girls aresex objects, victims who need protection and are there to service menthese gender messages on women have anti-social effects. In regardsto men the media seems to suggest or stereotype men, this is done byassociating masculinity with machismo, independence, emotionaldetachment, violence, competition and aggression (David, 2002). Thismay be damaging to an individual who fall short of the mentionedtraits.

Therefore, media plays a crucial role in spreading antisocialmessages about genders and even to some point seems to suggest thatviolence against women is a normal thing. To some point the media mayaffect how an individual feels about themselves and the world thusmaking it hard to have a society that treat both boys and girlsequally.

In conclusion, measure ought to be taken to control the media and itmessages which seems to link sex with violence. Parents too shouldcontrol children exposure to the media to avoid corrupting theirinnocent minds.


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