Tech- literacy Autobiography


Tech-literacy Autobiography


Tech-Literacy Autobiography

Technologyis wide and people have their own way of understanding this term. Idefine technology as an application of knowledge of machines, systemand techniques to perform a task and achieve a desired goal (Guzzetti43). When growing up, I was never really exposed to a great deal oftechnology until it become common in the society and since then myexperience with technology all through my life has been aninteresting one.

Duringmy early age as a young child, my parents owned a basic television.It had a wooden frame and only broadcasted images in black and whitecolour. It had double antenna and I was forced to adjust the antennaeto watch my favorite channels. Today, I need a digital converter boxto watch programs in the old television due to technology improvementin broadcasting (Guzzetti 43). This wooden television was the onlytelevision at home. I also vividly recall how extremely delighted Iwas when sent to my aunt’s place because I enjoyed watching myfavorite cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Hey Arnold and the Superman ona big plasma television.

Myfamily was able to secure a modern television set and this was awhole new experience to me. There were many channels to watch and Iwould stay late at night watching exciting shows and programs. Notlong, I received a digital video recorder from my aunt as a rewardwhen it first got to the market. I would record certain shows andprograms and watch later. Currently, most digital recording havefeatures like play, pause, rewind and forward buttons.

Myearliest memories on electricity and computer were way back in grade1. I recall when my teacher came to class with this big strange box.After playing with this box for sometime he asked me to flick aswitch on the wall and there was this bright green lettering that litmy face. This experience still sticks in my mind as my firstexperience with electricity and computer. At grade 7, I was wellconversant with the operation of a computer and one would always findme in the computer lab during leisure time. I kept updating myselfwith the current issues globally at school using the internet.Moreover, being an entertainment captain in my school, I enjoyed theuse of projectors, screens and microphones during social hallmeetings and other functions as I was responsible for theirarrangement and settings.

Laterin college, I was overwhelmed to find what computer can do. I enjoyedPowerPoint presentations and animation applications that werepresented by my teachers as notes. Technology is ubiquitous andtouches every part of my daily activity, at home and in the society Ilive. (Gibson 33). I have seen the world progress in many ways forthe last twenty-two years I have been on earth. Each and every day Ilearn how to use different inventions. The new generation to be bornwill not realize the far I have come with this technology. Technologyis advancing to include touch screen phones with two in onecombination and even video players (Guzzetti 69). I grew up with atape cassette and now I have an advanced compact disc and MP3 player.

Mostof these technological devices are complicated to use and require ahelping hand from others. I have in many occasions helped my friendsto use some of their devices like mobile phones and electricalappliances. My first time to use an I pad was an enjoyable moment forme. I enjoyed listening to the music. One would always find me withearphones listening to loud music and I can recall this instancewhere I was so much entertained by the music from my I pad that Iforgot to switch it off and attended a Sunday service.

Further,it is also easier to access information using the internet. I alwaysuse the internet in most of my research work and have helped meimprove my knowledge in an intellectual way. It is also vital tostate that my application of technology at home is in a widerperspective as compared to school. Most of the appliances at home aremarvels of technology (Goldblatt 46). I can vividly remember my firsttime to use a microwave. I would place food inside the microwave andwait for it to warm miraculously. My experience with a laptop wasvery challenging. I was thrilled to discover how much information andfunctions can be performed using this small portable device.

Majorityof households now own a television set and a radio. I am alwaysentertained at home when I relax (Goldblatt 67). In addition, I playcomputer games that keep me busy when am idle and gives me anopportunity to bond with my friends and family. Moreover, the meansof communication with my friends and family has been made easier dueto introduction of mobile phone and video cell phones. I am now ableto save my friends contacts on my own phonebook, unlike in the olddays where I used to save my friends contact details in the familytelephone index book. Technology has been extremely useful in my lifeas it helps me perform work faster and easier.

Overmy life-time, I have gained new concepts on technology andtech-literacy and how it works (Cole et al., 28). I have learnt usingmost of the technologies on my own using instruction manuals andobserving them being used both at school and home (Gibson 30). Theprogression I had with television is central to all new technologies.Everything changes with time and I always adapt to new changesaccordingly. Now am able to watch programs on the internet whenever Ilike instead of recording them from the television.

Moreideas and inventions are emerging, and this gives room to update thetech-literacy. I also believe that new advances in technology alsoexisted to those that were around when electronics were absent (Coleet al., 37). I am overwhelmed to find that so many electronics andappliances are emerging and there is need to learn about them. Theinternet itself is an endless area to explore. I have been usingtechnology in every day of my life be it cooking, communicating,learning or playing, technology plays a central role in my life.


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