Technological Learning Topics

TechnologicalLearning Topics

TechnologicalLearning Topics: Section D


Cloudcomputing can be defined as a new style of computing in whichdynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided asa service over the internet. The phenomenon has become a significanttechnology trend, and many technology experts believe that it willreshape IT (Information Technologies) and the IT marketplace. Withthis technology, users use a variety of devices such as laptops, PCs,PDAs and smartphones to access programs, storage, and applicationdevelopment platforms over the internet via services offered by cloudcomputing providers. Its advantages includes: high availability, costsavings, and easy scalability.


Inits simplest terms, videoconferencing involves individuals sitting infront of video cameras, talking with and viewing each other onmonitors, much as they might if they were in the same room together.People may also look at or work on electronic documents during theirvideo conference. The medium is real-time interactive, and far-endparticipants can both hear and see each other. The most compellingreason for holding a video conferencing is to intensify humaninteraction without having to travel.


Thetechnical name for 3D printing is ‘additive manufacturing’, whichis a more descriptive of the actual printing process. 3D printing’sunique manufacturing technique enables us to make objects in shapesnever before possible. This is because 3D printers make things byfollowing instructions from a computer and stacking raw material intolayers: contrary to most of human’s history where we’ve createdphysical objects by cutting away raw material or using molds to formnew shapes. 3D printing, in the near future, will open up newfrontiers, with manufacturing and business as usual being disruptedas regular people gain access to power tools of design andproduction.