Technological Literacy Narrative/Analysis

TechnologicalLiteracy Narrative/Analysis

TechnologicalLiteracy Narrative/Analysis

Technologyis ever evolving and has changed the way people go about theirroutine activities. The different technologies available enable us tobe more effective, besides enhancing our lives. These technologiesusually come with different challenges as users try to adapt to usingthem. The development of the internet in particular has significantlychanged the way we communicate. My first experience with the internetis the use of electronic mail popularly known as email. Before, I didnot understand how one could send a mail to another person withoutusing postal services. In this essay I am reflecting on my firstexperience with using email.

Whereasit may appear obvious to many on email services, there is usually afirst time to everything that one does more so in the use oftechnology. When I was first told that I could send emails tofriends, relatives and even send official mails to companies, I wasfascinated by the idea. The feeling that one could send them in realtime and have instant responses was incredible. I took my first stepto sign up for an email account. I was guided by into the process,which I had no idea about. As it proved, it was not any difficult asall that was required is a few details. In a few minutes, I had anemail account and email address for that matter.

Iwas eager to start letting friends and relatives know that I had anemail address. To achieve this I had to send emails to them and sothat I could be connected to them. I had various email addresses inmy diary hence I could reach them easily. Composing the email waseasy I send one email to after the other, all with the same message.All I wanted is to notify relatives and friends that this was myemail address. It was tedious to type the addresses one after theother and repeating the same process over and over again. I laterlearnt that, I could send the message just once, by entering multiplerecipients. I tried it and it seemed very convenient.

Inthe email, I was also able to add contacts in my email. I entered allthe emails that were in my diary. What caught up my attention was theability to add a person’s details including their full names, emailaddress, physical address, and mobile phone numbers all in thecontact. This allowed me to access someone’s details all in a clickof the mouse. Before this great discovery, I had filled my diary withpeople’s contacts and details. Sometimes I would lose my diary andhad to collect such details later when I met with people. With anemail address, I felt secure that I could have people’s contactspermanently online, even if I had lost my phone.

AsI continued to explore my new discovery, some of the people I hadsent emails started replying to my email almost instantly. I feltgood to hear from them in real time. Some requested me to chat withthem as they were online. I accepted these requests which made myexperience with email service even more interesting than I thought. Ithe chat section, I exchanged messages instantly with friends andrelatives. There was no limit to chats and it was easier than textingthrough short messaging system (SMS).

Inthe process, some of my relatives abroad were so eager to know how Iwas doing back at home and letting me know how they were doing aswell. They send me some photos through email which I just downloadedand viewed. Since I had my photos in my personal computer hard drive,I returned the favor by sending them photos of myself and family backat home. This was very fulfilling and I was remorseful for not usingemail services early enough.

AsI learnt through the use of email services, technology enhances ourlives. In just a span of a moment, one can be able to communicatewith several people in different parts of the world. Internetconnection has improved over the years and has become cheaper andreadily available to us today. There is no reason why one should notenjoy email services as they are efficient and fast as compared totraditional mail. Although it comes with its challenges, learning touse email services is an easy and pleasant experience. The process ofcreating an account is self guiding and one does not require to be anIT guru to have it. One can explore various functionalities in theemail account and enjoy the great experience of technology.

Generally,the internet has transformed communication. People today have ageneral perception that everyone has an email address. Even corporateare increasingly using email services to communicate to theiremployees. Individuals also send their resume through emails whenapplying for a job, which has made the use of email servicessignificant in our day to day lives. Email use is private and one cancontrol what they send and receive. Although one can use email forsocial activities such as sending photos, chatting and emailinggeneral information, email can also be used for work and professionalpurposes. One can receive promotional messages, newsletters from asubscription services, work related emails to mention a few.

Inthe modern society, it would therefore be difficult for any personincluding students, professionals, administrators and evenbusinessmen to survive without an email account. The use of emailenhances the way we communicate with each other, and bridges thelimitation of time and space that is evident in the traditionalphysical mailing services. I would encourage people to adopt newtechnologies as they emerge to enhance their lives. More importantly,technology services such as email should not be used maliciously asin the case of hackers and users are advised to be extra vigilantwhen using these services, in order to minimize their risk ofexposure to fraudsters and hackers in general. In my experience withemail use, I was not aware of such issues as hacking but I foundinterest in exploring the issue later on. I believe it is theresponsibility of all email users to safeguard their passwords anduse email services responsibly.