Technology Evangelist Position

TechnologyEvangelist Position

TechnologyEvangelist Position

Asa new-recruit at a technology evangelist at a major telecom company,I have a duty to ensure that humans are still in touch with theircreator through application software in the next five years. This canbe an uphill task but with the technological trend that is eminentand inevitable the forecast for the next five years reveals thatPersonal Networks Apps will be one of the most essential part ofhuman life.

Personalevangelism is a great joy of following Jesus Christ, and it is forthis reason that my team would develop a Personal Networks App willbe known as “PEN,” taking after the first alphabets of a personalnetwork evangelism (PEN). The application would address differentChristian networking problems by incorporating different evangelisticideas such as having five-navigation icons (Mallon, 2013). The iconswould lead to the Bible for one to get verses faster, Living word, anotepad for putting down some lessons got from reading or discussion,Bible promises icon that will give quick access to Bible quotes onspecific topics, and lastly an icon that connects all those with thisapp on their phone, providing a platform or forum for differentevangelistic discussions (Mallon, 2013).

Finally,the application’s major function would be to solve the need to beconnected socially, but based on a spiritual agenda, sharing andcaring. In addition, it will give access to the living word of goodthrough different inspirational articles and one could be able use itat one’s convenient time and comfort (Mallon, 2013). The app wouldbe marketed through online marketing platforms, attending differentcrusades, and the use of across-the-board marketing strategy.


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