Technology Narrative Analysis II


TechnologyNarrative Analysis II


Thesecond technology under analysis is learning how to skate. There aremany types of skating but on my side I will highlight on use of skateshoes. Taking into consideration the fact that I never had doneskating before my first experience took off successfully. I have nodoubts that this life time experience has shone much light on one ofmy preferences as a young athlete. The narrative descriptiontherefore goes by here below.

Accordingto, (2014), majoring on the experience, this technologyacquisition process is allways gradual, but here I will give adescription of my experience. One reminder and caution about thissport activity is that it’s all about fun. Consequently, fun cannotbe fun when you are not free. The first indication of freedom at thisjuncture in the sport is the type of clothing that you turn up within the activity. Jeans avoided, I was now ready for the sport.Protection was also prerequisite. I set myself with gloves and thickleggings that were meant to provide protection. Comfort was next andwell-fitting skate shoes would be best for some one.

Theexercise starts by walking if you can walk then you can skate. Yestrust me I said so, this is only achieved by keeping skates on theground while focusing on one point with your eyes. Balancing here wasa hard task for me because I kept on looking at the ground contraryto the requirements. Then I got to know that while I keep my legssteady while relaxed and walking on the wall it helped me get afeeling of the skating experience. I started slow just keeping inmind that I am not on a speed contest. However an additional of speedwill help me in balance and while bending my knees I would be able tomaintain equilibrium. Falling is not an option because as for me Ialmost fell all times when I moved three meters from my startingpoint. Rome was not built in a single day and so, I kept on repeatingbalancing leaning forward and keeping an slow move. Then I was goodto go within few hours of practicing. Next on, was practicing swingymoves that made me feel like I was flying. In addition I ensured Iwas improving on my learnt skill and I assure you though.

Basedon the TLNA framework, a pathos inventory for the story based onappeal of emotions caused by the technology learning narrativeanalysis can be evaluated. Emotional aspects are the key here inmaking sure that a clear connection of emotions and culturalinstitutions is realized. The three emotional feelings felt areeagerness, fear and excitement.

Whileevaluating all these emotions I will try to connect them to thenarrative while explaining their appeal to pathos inventory. Thereason I felt eagerness while learning how to skate is that I had aself-driven passion for the sporting activity. I wanted to sway onthe pathways of my homestead at a high speed, relatively I alsowanted to feel the experience of running at let’s say at 15kilometers per hour using the skill learnt. Definitely, thisinstilled eagerness in me. To add on, the learning experience wasappealing because I got myself doing all these now.

Thesecond feeling is fear. Figuring out being on shoes that had wheelsand running on pathways at a high speed was a nerve striking emotion.I had fear that I would crumble my hands or legs. I had fear that itwould ramp into a hole or head on corrosion with vehicles on thestreets. However, this feeling I was not deterred in getting myselfout of the fear cocoon.

Lastly,I felt an excitement in myself. The fact that I would even pass evenmoving cars, I would help people retrieve their stolen phones andmoney by muggers while on my skates was was an delighted moments. Ifelt, myself a hero and some of my friends’ think I belong toanother planet. May be they think I have some powers, but let mereveal I am completely natural. Appealing is that I achieved my setgoal and contentment is all that makes me feel awesome.

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