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Advances in technology has brought along numerous changes in the waypeople participate in enhancing global citizenship. Global citizensare people who identify themselves with the values and principles ofthe world community. The huge strides made in communicationtechnology, transportation technology, as well as informationtechnology has made it possible to have global citizens (Schattle,2012). has enabled people to connect with other peopleacross the world through enhanced communication strategies such asthe internet and mobile phone technology.

The availability of information to all the people across the worldhas enabled the development of global citizenship. For instance,people in African continent can connect with people facingdevastating natural disasters in Australia. Enhanced transportsystems is also critical in ensuring that people can travel tovarious destinations of the world quickly and efficiently to connectwith the global community. This is through transport systems such asair travel (Schattle, 2012).

Access and distribution of education has been boosted by the adventof the internet technology. People can access education from any partof the world through technology. Online education has become part ofthe education system. has also been instrumental in theway social concerns such as insecurity, natural disasters and povertyare addressed. The flow of information through the social mediaplatforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has enhanced howsocial problems are addressed (Schattle, 2012). The populace can alsocommunicate social problems to the government through the internethence calling for action.

A global community has the benefit of joining hands in times ofdisasters. For instance, the whole world came together during theearth quake in Haiti to help the victims. However, a technical and aglobal community has the challenge of bringing people together due tothe various cultural differences. For instances, different peoplefrom different regions will manifest differences in language, cultureand beliefs (Schattle, 2012). This has led to issues such racism anddiscrimination. has had a significant in my life. It hasenabled me to make friends and pursue my education effectively. Thesearch for information with regard to education has become extremelyeffective.


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