Text Communication and Selzer Case


TextCommunication and SelzerCase


Communicationusing texting and social media platforms like Facebook is differentbecause the message has to be short and precise. Most of the textingservice providers do not have space for a large number of words. Onthe other hand, different writing methods like letters presentpossibilities of writing as many words as needed. The technology usedonly helps in the process of passing the message that the user sees.Therefore, real communication is enabled by the technology that isbehind the scenes.

Theaudience matters in the reception of the message and their ability touse technology to decode and understand the message. The audience inthis case expects the communication technology to be simple in termsof features and allow quick message retrieval. Therefore, tocommunicate effectively as a writer, through texts I would keep themessage simple and avoid unnecessary content. Moreover, as anaudience, I would focus on reading the message in the context of thewriter, in order to understand the simplifications.

Selzer’sPaper “Knife”

Thestructure of Selzer’s paper has a well defined introduction that isfollowed by a bulleted body. Selzer also uses footnotes as the methodof referencing and including sources of his content. The structure ofthe piece of writing is not an essay. Instead, Selzer has used theformat of an outline to present his content. The piece of writing isan outline because Selzer employs the use of bullets to presentdifferent aspects of his paper. The element that makes the piece ofwriting to appear like an essay is the introductory content thatSelzer includes in the beginning of the paper. The element that makesit not an essay is the bulleted outline.

Restructuringof this paper will help Selzer to put his point across. The use of anessay with a prose format will make the flow of ideas and contentbetter consistent. Therefore, the consistency will help the reader toget the flow of ideas of the writer. This understanding will alsofacilitate the comprehensiveness of the content and arguments of thewriter.