The Differences between the Judaism of Jesus` Days and His Teachings

The&nbspDifferencesbetween the Judaism of Jesus’ Days and His Teachings

The&nbspDifferencesbetween the Judaism of Jesus’ Days and His Teachings

Judaismrefers to the way of life of the Jewish population. It is amonotheistic religion similar to Christianity that follows Jesus’teachings. However, a number of differences exist between the Judaismof Jesus and his teachings. The various differences are as result ofthe view of Jews of Jesus Christ as a good teacher while theChristians believe he is the messiah. The Christians interpret theteachings of Christ to mean that Christ was the fulfillment of theforetold messiah. The following paper seeks to point out the variousdifferences between Judaism of Jesus and his teachings.

Inthe teachings of Christ in the Old Testament, Jesus is viewed as themessiah however, in the Judaism he is viewed as the good teacher tothe society (Alexis,2013).Furthermore, the Judaism of Jesus viewed him as a prophet of God.Moreover, the Judaism of Jesus differs with his teachings since theybelieved they did not believe he was God’s representation in fresh.Jesus teachings that are followed by Christians show that he became ahuman being to be able to pay the price of the sins of human kind.However, the Judaism strongly opposes such claims and terms them asunfounded. They believe Jesus Christ was not offered as a sacrifice.The teaching of Jesus Christ exposed him as the sent one however thereligious leaders of time of Jesus in Israel failed to accept that.

Moreover,Judaism viewed Torah as the foundation to the of the Bible .They Jewsthat observe Judaism believe that they are the specially chosen groupby God in life. They believe that the bible represents a covenant forGod to always protect them from their enemies. However according tothe teachings of Jesus Christ it is due to the mercies of the lordthat the followers of Judaism are saved (Alexis,2013).Jesus’ teachings enable us learn that he came to save all peoplethat are sinners. Moreover, those are willing to repent their sins.Contrary to Jesus’ teachings some members of Judaism namely thePharisees believed that they were holy and so the kingdom of heavenbelonged. As a result they viewed themselves as senior and principalsin the kingdom of God. Additionally, the Sadducee took over thepolitical roles actively that they used to oppress the people asopposed to Jesus’ teachings that advocated against oppression ofthe people by the ruler (Alexis,2013).

Finally,Judaism attributes its originality to the covenant between Abrahamand God (Alexis,2013).The Bible that the followers of Judaism follow does not contain theNew Testament. Since Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ as themessiah hence they failed to acknowledge him as part of theirtheology. This is totally different to Jesus teachings that encompasseverything including the text in the New Testament. The followers ofJudaism viewed the Old Testament as the only holy Bible. To thiseffect the Judaist fail to observe the marked day for the celebrationof Jesus coming. An ideal example is the failure to celebrateChristmas, the resurrection of Christ and event the failure toobserve the lent. All these were due to the failure by the Judaistespecially the followers of first century to recognize Jesus as thesent savior. They viewed Jesus teachings as to lax compared to theLaw of Moses that was to be followed to the letter. Jesus failed toobserve the full strict code of law of the Jews that made some ofthem doubt his profile as the messiah.

Tocap it all, though the differences exist between followers of Judaismand those of Jesus teachings what still remains noticed is theobservance of one supreme God.


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