The poem “DESIRE” by Alice Walker

Thepoem &quotDESIRE&quot by Alice Walker


Inthe poem, the speaker elucidates her persistent desire in her lifedespite the fulfillment of other desires. The message in the poem isabout a strong desire and devotion to achieve something. Desire iswhat leads individuals to achieve their life long-term goals despitedrawbacks. It is an individual’s desire that develops character by‘tending’ actions that are aimed towards particular lifeachievement. The message in this poem could be likened to struggle ofwomen in the society as they emancipate themselves from oppressions.The speaker makes the readers sympathize with her constant state ofdesire, she says, ‘I want to stick my toe and&nbspsoon my wholebody&nbspinto the water’ (LaCount &amp Kehinde, 2013:1).

Sincehistorical times, women have faced the blunt side of genderinequalities and stereotypes. In particular, women have beensubjected to domestic violence, sexual assault, denial ofreproductive rights, general women rights at political and economiclevel. In some workplace, women do not have equal workplace rights asthose of males. As a result of these, these create gender tensionsand discriminations women have been marginalized in most aspects ofthe society. In the poem, the speaker could be referring to thestrong desire to emancipate herself and be able to achieve what herlife desires. In many cases, women desires and hard works arediscriminated against despite hard work done by women at home and atworkplaces they continue to face discriminations. Women desire toachieve their dreams is constantly challenged by these inequitieshence persistent desire (LaCount&amp Kehinde,2013:1).

Thepoem could be likened to an awakening call to women in the societythat they can achieve their dreams if they have strong unendingdevotion and desires (LaCount&amp Kehinde,2013:1).The idea presented by the author of the poem is that with a desirenothing is impossible the speaker has an agenda in regard toworkplace. For instance, women are subjected to inequality inworkplace and as such can rise above the inferiority stereotyping byworking hard and proving their worth. If social roles were fairlydefined, may be women desires and devotion would reduce it is theinequality between the gender that motivates many women to continuefighting for their rights as well as strong desires to prove theirworth.


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