The Story “Happy Ending”

TheStory “Happy Ending”

Inthe story “Happy Endings”, the author, Margaret Atwood appliesdifferent literaryelements that make her story a success. The story uses differentsections of the story to present different elements of the author’smessage. Atwoodstartsthe story with a suggestive guide of what the literary work willentail. Thus, the story presents a predictable ending just before thenarration starts. The literary elements used by Atwoodare varied. However, Atwood gives the reader the choice of theending, the dominant ending of the story at section A, few charactersand demonstration of death to the society. Byexploring this story, this paper will illustrate that these literaryelements arethe main aspects that carry the Atwood’s message and make thenarration complete.

Bynarrating the story in different sections, Atwood gives the reader achoice of the ending that one wants. It is a unique literary elementthat allows the reader to explore all the possibilities of thenarration. Through the style, Atwood uses her creative writing toillustrate the act of a person living his or her own life to thefullest. On the other hand, Atwood also uses the same style to showthe circumstances that lead to a person’s life being cut short, andnot lived to the fullest. For instance, in story C, the life of Jamesand Mary get to an abrupt end as they are killed by John, out of alove triangle (Atwood 396).

Atwoodportrays the situation of the story A as the ultimate ending of thestory. Therefore, Atwood uses the whole story to adopt the “Happyending” part and carry five different adaptations. Consequently,all the characters end up building towards the beginning, which leadto the ending of the story. This makes the plot of the story to buildup towards the ending that should reflect the title of the story as“happy ending.” For instance, in story C, the Atwood does notconcentrate on the impact of the death of James and Mary, but uses itto direct towards the happy ending.

Inthe story, Atwood presents the significance that death brings to thesociety at the end of the life of a person or a character. Atwoodwrites “John and Mary die&quot to show that it is the ultimateending of the story. The ending is in the death of these two. Withoutthe death of these two, the story does not take significance. Atwooduses their death to show that regardless of the character’sexperience, death is the ending mark of a person’s life. This isthe translation that Atwood wants the reader to reflect on, sincedeath does not lead to such happy ending. However, Atwood uses thedeath of John and Mary as the source of the happy ending.

Thestory shows Atwood’s creative literary element of presenting themessage and leaving the reader to choose the ending of the story.Atwood also uses the first story as the ultimate ending of thenarration, to make the story have five different interpretations. Theending of the story is the death of the two main characters, whichshows that death is the final end of human life, as the societybelieves. However, Atwood uses their death to bring happy ending ofthe story. This gives the story the significance of its title “HappyEnding.”