The Stymied CEO


TheStymied CEO

TheStymied CEO

1.The case study regarding Paula Santoro presents a number ofleadership challenges facing the organization in which she is theChief Executive Officer. Her woes can be classified as personal,managerial, Organizational, legal, governmental and expectational shealso experiences other challenges like.

2.Santoro has to draw a dictum of “ adapt or die” because ofglobalization and technology she has to render new models ofleadership to make the organization more flexible and comfortable andalso embrace multiple leadership styles to create a more effectivecorporate culture. She has to see reality as clearly and asobjectively as possible as this will enhance her see theopportunities and challenges that arise. Santaro has to employbusiness strategies and initiatives that are right and in line withher organization, as they will be executed sub-optimally.Understanding that she needs some familiarity with the complexitythis organization theoretical base.

3.If Santaro hires me as an executive coach I would like to addressearly on – personality, communication, collaboration, culture andenvironment. Overcoming the personality I will help her removebarriers to herself knowledge and authenticity and my key goal is toinhabit her to the reality of a company’s situation rather personaland understanding the limits.

Incommunication, I will advice her of authentic leadership and developan authentic style and how to apply it in decision-making. This willhelp her recognize her uniquely self so that her dialogue can lead toeffective decision that are embraced by her organization.

Incollaboration, I will help her learn how communication can createunity without consensus. This will make her bridge from revealing herauthentic self to using an increased authenticity without necessarilyhaving consensus as this will allow her use multiple leadershipstyles.

InCulture, I will help her create an environment that enhancesopenness, candor and dissent. Through this, she will create elementsof high performance culture. She will need to learn that the threecharacteristics have to work one in one with the other and thespecific features of dialogue.

Incommitment, I will make her commit to a lever 5 environment forwell-established sustainable good results. She has to commit toinvesting on her own development so she can operate and create a highperformance culture. As a leader, she has to find self-knowledge asrealistic as assessment of both strengths and shortcomings and shehas to be less defensiveness that allows candid and constructivenessfeedback in an organization. The art of conducting one`s liferequires not only deep knowledge of what one as a person really is,but also she has to accept the reality of her challenges, limitationsand abilities as the beginning of wisdom

4.Communication of Santaro in that organization can define the successor failure of the company, her authenticity, clear and honesty can beused as a tool to inspire. She needs to understand who she is and howher capacity can affect her communication and collaboration. She hasto model a kind of communication she views as critical to success.Once she has addressed her own challenges and shortcomings she canbegin to systematically address the barriers to effect the highcollaborative communication within her organization as this willimpact her decision making process and also the performance as a CEO.To offer effective leadership she has to embrace paradox, tolerateambiguity and act flexibly to adapt emotional challenge rather thanintellectual one so that she can be able to master ongoing change andcreate sustainable good performance.