Trauma Case Study

TraumaCase Study

TraumaCase Study

Studyinga trauma case helps provide accurate assessments and swiftinterventions to thwart any unnecessary fatalities and complications(Cohen et al, 2006). Maryam’s case requires assessment of potentialcauses of the trauma. Moreover, there is need to evaluate thecomplications that are caused by the trauma such as lack of sleep anddepression. Maryam would also require a complete physical and mentalexamination to identify their affiliation to her behavioralobservations. To effectively diagnose her psychiatric illness, I willalso refer to the diagnostic manual to identify the categories inwhich her illness falls in.

Inkeeping with Folkman (2008), the situation is definitely a crisis.This is due to evident abnormalities and other indications diagnosedin her physical and psychological conditions. Notably, their parentsshould be notified to help provide psychosomatic support and closemonitoring to help deal with personality disorders such as antisocialbehavior, avoidance and being paranoid in reference to Axis II ofDiagnosticand Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM).Moreover, Maryam needs support from her roommate and relatives tohelp her move on from her frights. The patient also requirestreatment i.e. psychiatric intervention. Debatably, Maryam’s healthstatus should also come first and follow up evaluations on herphysical health status which has worsened due to other interrelatedfactors in relation to Axis V of DSM-IV TR.

AxisI of DSM-IV TR, Clinical symptoms, outlines that Maryam’s anxietydisorders would be the main course of severe depression and mentalinstability. In addition, she may suffer despondency and bad healthdue to lack of sleep and drinking alcohol. According to DSM, ittherefore goes without saying that she has unstable physical andpsychological conditions which is evidenced by her tiredness andsaying that she does not deserve to live.

Atfirst blush, Maryam’s situation seems tough but having acquiredenough knowledge and training, I feel that am capable and that I havethe aptitude to work with Maryam. Furthermore, I am equipped withenough knowledge about trauma crisis assessment, diagnosis andintervention to deal with Axis IV OF DSM-IV TR i.e. severity ofpsychosocial stressors faced by the patient. Maryam obliges severalconsiderations such as ensuring that she has a close and functionalsupport system (Figley &amp Kiser, 2013). She also needs enoughfollow up and medication to solve her crisis.


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