Undercover Boss





To:Management Team

June 24, 2014

Lessons learnt from, “” and changes made in theorganization

Ihereby write this memo having watched the video, “”which made me learn a lot of things. As the CEO of this organization,there are many things which I have learnt and would like to sharewith you. Similarly, there are changes which I will initiate inrelation to communication and employee-employer relation within theorganization. The memo will outline the lessons learnt from the videoregarding communication and employee engagement.

First,it is very crucial to have firsthand experience on what employee’sdeals with on their assigned duties. This strategy was used byOriental Trading Company CEO, Sam Taylor. His aim was to ensurewhether frontline employees were depicting the companies mission whenselling. His findings reveled that employees don’t care about thecompany because managers don’t know how to interact with them andthey are treated as numbers (Byrd, 2013). From the experience, Ilearned that cost-cutting measures by eliminating water and drinkscause negative impacts on front lines. Moreover, I learned the skillsand challenges required in the job hence there is a need to offermore training to the employees as stipulated by Mondalek (2013).

Secondly,inviting employees to share their ideas and feedback is essential forcompanies that want to realize their goals. CEO of Kampgrounds, JimRodgers said that the person doing the job knows what it entails morethan a manager hence should be asked about the input and feedback(Byrd, 2013). Therefore, managers miss important information andideas in case they don’t encourage feedback and input from theiremployees. Managers need to build open and trusting relationship withemployees to make them open in sharing information (Byrd, 2013).Similarly, they need to collaborate with employees in developingrather than imposing solutions.

Thirdimportant lesson learnt is showing employees they are valued andappreciated in the organization. Employees should be appreciated whencaught doing the right thing. There are many forms of recognizingemployee’s effort and they include assistance to ease financialburden, giving bonuses, college tuition or family vacations (Byrd,2013). The generosity will overwhelm them as the bosses will alsolearn from them. Therefore, managers don’t require a lot of moneyin appreciating employees for work well done simple thank you is animportant action. The little things the manager does may mean a lotto the employees since they perceive the value through the lenses ofthe supervisor.

Inconnection to the above lesson learnt from the “”,there are many changes which are lined up to increase theproductivity and efficiency of the organization. Some of them areoutlined below:

  • Nurturing employee talents and dreams: there are a lot of untapped employee potential which requires exploration. The bosses should provide developments opportunities to employees by letting them share their creative ideas as in the case of Damico (Byrd, 2013).

  • Managers must be genuine and authentic: being genuine and authentic will help employees and managers build trust with one another which intern increase productivity (Bovee &amp Thill, 2014). Managers should be humble and willing to admit mistakes since that position do not guarantee that one can’t make mistakes.

  • Developing a reward scheme: The managers needs to develop a reward scheme for productive employees. This will help in encouraging good practices as well as recognizing the fruitful employees who have proved their worth to the organization (Inc, 2014).

Ibelieve the above lessons shared with you will be important in makingour organization realize its mission and vision goals. I am availablefor further discussion of the above recommendations and lessons. Ican be reached through extension number (0329)938938.


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