Ups and Downs in Life

In life, there will always be moments wherein we experience failuresand down moments, while there are also times that we feel that we areat our own highest peak and always at our top spot. Nonetheless, itwas some sort of ups and downs in life such that everything that ishappening in our life is so unpredictable and varies from time totime. Also, there are moments that we are being left out with otherpeople, something that may be a problem with our physical appearance,our attitudes, our way of making social interactions with them, orjust without any reasons to begin with.

Each one of us has something which can be fooled by others, whilethere are things which can be praised by others as well. I, too,admit that I also have flaws and bad interpretations in life with thepeople around me. I remember one moment in my life that I am a castout with the people around me. It felt like I was all alone. I haveno friends to begin with, nor anyone to talk with. I have been leftout with my friends, and I do not know the reason behind all of thoseevents in my life. It felt like I was cursed to be alone forever. Astime goes by, I am desperately in need of someone who can rely on,someone to share my stories with them, and someone whom I can call my&quottrue&quot friends. Thus, I managed to change the attitudeswhom I think is not necessary in a friendship. I became morefriendly, understanding, and more appreciative with their presence.As time goes by, I learned that life is not about being alone. It wasall about you and those who loves you.