US and NATO Entry into Afghanistan


USand NATO Entry into Afghanistan

USand NATO Entry into Afghanistan

Themilitary entry of the Afghanistan of the NATO and allies led by theunited states was, particularly as a result of the constant civilwars in the country. However, the actual reason why Americaspearheaded the war against Afghanistan is linked to terrorism. Dueto the political instability in Afghanistan, military interventionwas necessary to ensure that the country had a stable political setup(Cimbala &amp Forster, 2013).

TheUnited States forces and the larger NATO partners went into theAfghanistan to seek the end of militant groups that were perceived tobe terrorists. They were perceived to be behind the terrorist attacksof the 9/11. However, the main reason that the United States and NATOwent to Afghanistan through military missions is to finish theoperations of the extreme Islamic militants and thereby avoid anyfuture terrorist attacks against united states or its allies (Cimbala&amp Forster, 2013). This explains why entry in the Afganistanhappened just after the 9/11 attacks.

Therefore,peacemakers would not have solved the problem that was presented bythe Afghanistan civil wars. However, peacemakers would be the bestintervention mechanisms if the civil wars in Afghanistan did notinclude terrorism motives. As much as peacemakers would have helpedend the wars, military action was the most appropriate intervention,especially from the United States. For the United States and NATOpartners, their interests were to bring peace and stop futureterrorism.


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