USA position on Afghanistan in 2009


USAposition on Afghanistan in 2009


Internationalrelation is a discipline that should encompass the embracing of eachother’s ideologies. Foreign relation among nations becomes an areaof concern for any president of a given nation and thus United Statesof America is not an exception (Armitage 2010). It is the goal of thepresident of United States to promote the diplomatic relations withthe various nations on the globe. Promotion of foreign policyprinciples has been a key factor since the era of Jimmy Carter. Thepresident’s role in the failing foreign democracies is to encouragethe use of human rights. Ensuing is a response paper on the role ofU.S president in the invasion of Afghanistan in the year 2009.

Democracyand promotion of human rights is at the heart of every single citizenof this great nation of America. Our reaction to the invasion of therepublic of Afghanistan was guided by the sole principle of promotingpeace at the global level (Armitage 2010). It was also a reaction tothe terror attack that happened in the year 2001. As one of thetenets of our constitution is to protect the sovereignty of ourstate, the government had to counter-terror war against the Talibanin Afghanistan. The government is committed in its war against anyact of terrorism at all levels and ways possible. In line to this,all the Al Qaeda groups need to and have to be defeated and restorepeace in Afghanistan.

Infighting terrorism, it is my sole duty to ensure the promotion ofdemocracy to the affected state (Armitage 2010). My government willensure the promotion of good governance structures throughcollaboration with the Afghan authorities. The government will ensurevoters register and also organize oversee the elections. Training oflocal policy to take over is another area of emphasis in thepromotion of democracy. The government will also engage in ways topromote human rights to women and other vulnerable groups likechildren. Justice will be upheld to all the victims of rape and othersocial injustices. The government will promote the end ofgender-based discrimination and advocate for equal opportunitysystem.


Promotionof foreign democracy to failing nations is a key issue in the U.Sgovernance. Democratic peace policy should be embraced in the modernsociety in the fight against terrorism. Human rights should bepromoted at all cost regardless of the opposition faced.


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