View of U.S. Education


Viewof U.S. Education

Whileit is evident that education plays a fundamental role in improvingthe livelihoods of individuals and the larger society, somesociologists view the role of education from a differing perspective.They claim that although education helps people in performing variousfunctions, it also acts a means of widening the social inequalitygap. This opinion by conflict theorists, however, has become acontested topic as not all people agree. The latter claims thateducation is an essential tool that plays a great role in narrowingthe gap between the poor and the rich. They point out that educationis one of the greatest tools for alleviating poverty. From an indepth analysis, it is clear that while education is essential,indeed, it heightens the status quo.

Thefulfillment of an individual’s education has a great connectionwith the social class. The government may claim that education isaffordable, but students from the low socioeconomic status faceobstacles that hinder them from acquiring quality education. Childrenfrom the high social class, however, have greater opportunities forlearning as compared to their poor counterparts. This is because theycan afford private tutors, have time to study, and can affordmaterials that facilitate learning. On the other hand, poor childrenhave less time to study, cannot afford private tutors, and lackessential learning facilities. As such, it is possible that a poorchild with a greater academic ability may achieve much less that arich child with a lower academic ability. Likewise, poor childrengrow up in environments that lacks adequate moral support forlearning, while on the other hand, rich children grows up in anenvironment that encourages learning in various ways. The affordableor free education, as many may claim, is not affordable for all. Theenvironment in which children grow up in influences their ability toattain quality education. Thus, it is clear that the current systemof education is a reflection of the larger society that consistentlypromotes the status quo.