Water Experiences



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JournalEntry 1: Water Basics

Watercycle sequence map

Propertiesof water cause and effect map

Experience1: To Drink or Not to Dink

Aftertwo days there were some water inside the smaller cup that collectedfrom the transparent plastic wrapper. The water in the small cup ispure and I will drink it because it has come from water thateverporated from the dirt and condensed under the plastic wrap. Thisprocess allows water to take different forms and is thereforeavailable to humans and ecosystems in different stages and areas.

Expirience2: You Sank My paperclip

Puttinga drop of dish soap made the paper clip to drop. I realized thatwater molecules are affected by the addition of chemicals. I neverbelieved this concept before conducting this experiment, but now, Ihave a strong understanding of concept of water molecules

Experience3: Paper cups

Theexperiment set up at the initial stages.

Theexperiment after three hours

Irealized that some water had moved up the paper towel. Some water hadamazingly moved to the empty glass. The observation about thisexperiment brings a better understanding of the cocept of capillaryaction.

Experinec4: paper trail