Week 4 Disk


Week4 Disk

Cardiovasculardisease emerges as one of the diseases that contributes to the deathof most individuals in the universe. It is believed that the diseaseis most prevalent in the developing world compared to the developedworld. There are varied risk factors that are associated with thecardiovascular disease, some of which, are modifiable while otherscannot be modified. One of the risk factors linked to the diseaseentails hypertension. Hypertension plays a critical role in heartattacks however, it can become modified successfully in case onebecomes diagnosed and sticks to his or her recommended managementplan. Physical activity emerges as another risk factor for thecardiovascular disease it is believed that physical inactivity has the potential of increasing the opportunity of increasing stroke andheart disease by 50%. Besides, due to physical inactivity, one candevelop obesity, which is a key risk factor for the cardiovasculardisease (World Heart Federation, 2014). On the other hand, having adiet that has a high fat concentration is also a risk factor for thedisease. However, this can be modified. Although these risk factorscan be corrected, there are others that cannot be corrected, butcontribute to the disease. Such risk factors entail getting older,family history, and gender. These three factors cannot be changed ormodified no matter how one tries.

Differentindividuals have been identified as being at risk of developing thecardiovascular disease. For example, those above age 55 since risk ofstroke doubles after this age. Besides, in case there is a historyof the disease in the family, such an individual has the risk ofdeveloping the disease. In addition, individuals that have Asian orAfrican ancestry have a high chance of developing the diseasecompared to individuals from other races (World Heart Federation,2014).


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