Week 4 Excercise


Week4 Excercise

Week4 Exercise: Project Management Key Persons

1.Two project team members are having a disagreement

TheProject Manager

Theproject manager is responsible for this conflict. This is because heis the key person handling the daily operations of the project,including the working relationships between the employees.2.The team is unsure of what needs to happen when

TheProject Manager

Theproject manager is responsible to solve this problem. This is becausehe is the person who directs the activities of the project. Inaddition, he is the one handling the role of scheduling of tasks,which determines the project’s development path.3.There is talk that the project may no longer be needed

TheSenior Management

Thesenior management is responsible to give direction in this problem.They will however need to consult with the sponsor in case theproject is truly no longer needed.4. A team member is notperforming

TheProject Manager

Theproject manager is responsible to handle this issue by evaluating theteam member and respond accordingly. This will also involve the inputof the team members to give views on the member.5. Theteam is not sure who is in charge of the project

TheProject Manager

Theofficer responsible is the project manager. The team members are alsoresponsible for giving information on their confusion to the teamleaders for direction. The team members will provide the informationthat is necessary to avoid any future confusion on the project.6.Senior management provides an unrealistic schedule requirement

TheProject Manager

Theproject manager is responsible for giving the direction to the seniormanagement on the project scheduling (Lewis,2006).The project manager provides this direction since he is the expert incharge of the scheduling tasks and processes of the project.7.The team is in conflict over priorities between tasks

TheProject Manager

Theproject manager is responsible of solving any conflicts involvingscheduling of tasks. In addition, the project manager is the officerresponsible for the organization of the employees to conform to theprovided project schedule as per the critical path of theproject.8. The project is behind schedule

Theperson responsible to handle this situation is the project manager.He will provide the guidance and direction on how to work the projectfaster as a way of catching up with the schedule. Since he isresponsible for handling the project schedule, he is responsible forgiving a follow-up schedule that will assist the team to complete theproject in time.9. The project is running out of funds


Thesponsor is the key person to solve this situation. This is because heis the person who is responsible for handling the finances of theproject (Lewis,2006).As a sponsor, he is the sole provider of the funds that will financethe execution of the activities of the project.10. A teammember determines that another method is needed to complete the taskwithin its scope of work

TheTeam Members

Theteam member is responsible for giving guidance to this situation forthe benefit f the project. He will present his findings on the methodneeded for the completion of the task in question. In addition, theteam member will provide technical information behind the conclusionas well as the assumptions held. Moreover, the team member willrequire consulting with the project manager to present his view,which will lead to the approval of the method.


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