When Harry met Sally


WhenHarry met Sally

WhenHarry met Sally: Film review

Thefilm &quotWhen Harry Met Sally&quot is one of the most interestinglove films of all times. It possesses crucial elements ofcommunication which not only defines the interactive level of thecharacters, but also gives the viewers a good perspective of theunfolding scenes.

Interactionbetween Sally and Harry allows them to form a very strongrelationship in the name of love. However, this does not happenwithin a short a time but takes quite a period they completelyunderstand each other. One quite interesting aspect of the wholerelationship is their initial encounter. duringthe road trip, they had never met before and were only connect bytheir mutual friends. The two managed to break the interactionbarrier between them and became even more open towards one anotherwith the passing of time. Sally was at first hesitant towards therelationship but soon developed some feeling towards Harry, to thepoint where they got romantic for the first time.

Atfirst, Harry just kept asking Harry questions about her sexual life.Sally did not at any point think that Harry was attracted to her andonly saw him as a friend and nothing else apart from that. In fact,Sally level of monitoring was so high that did not open up to Harryabout her feelings. With time, Sally becomes increasingly comfortablewith Harry and enhances their level of social interaction. One thingthat baffles the viewers is the gradual change of the characters`perception towards each other. Both had a different perception of theother from the one they have at the end of the film. Harry and Sallydiscover that they have little in common during their initialencounter. At some point, Sally considers Harry as a rude andpessimistic person who is too hard socially to engage in arelationship. However, as the film progresses, Sally discovers thatHarry is a person full of wisdom and has a penchant for honesty(Reiner 1989). This makes Sally develop a different attitudealtogether towards Harry and becomes more open.

Thanksto the element of self disclosure, the two characters gain trust inone another and allow themselves to be carried away with emotions inthe name of love. Harry reveals to Sally that she did not like herinitially and saw her as very strict person who was not comfortablewith social relationships. He acknowledges the fact that Sally hasundergone a great transformation since the first time they met whereshe so uptight. On her part, Sally defends herself that she did notwant to be considered cheap in the event she slept with Harry. Whatinitially started as just some casual relationship ends up as veryserious marital relationship between Harry and Sally (Reiner 1989).Both of them have been in relationships in the past that theyconsidered flawed. It is against such a background that the two setthings straight and agree to correct their past relationship mistakesand to forge the way forward.

Partof the reason that explains the gradual change of perception amongthe two characters is the uncertainty reduction strategies. At first,both characters were not sure of each and the feeling towards eachother. Some of the strategies which they use include observation,open conversation, self disclosure and effective listening. This way,Harry and Sally invigorates their relationship and take it to thelevel of marriage.


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