Who I Am Now


WhoI Am Now

WhoI Am Now

Accordingto my personal philosophy, every journey has a beginning, but a goodjourney has no end. A good journey should keep on getting better atevery step of the way. These two statements are the ones that mostappropriately describe my journey in this course, and gives adefinition of who I am now. When I started this course, I was notwell equipped. However, I cannot say that I have learned everythingin this filed. One thing I am sure of is that I have learnt,knowledge that has made me a better student and a writer. Even thoughI have not exhausted knowledge, I believe I am better than I startedthe class.

Throughthe course, I have learned writing skills that have graduallydeveloped me as a student and as a person. I have learnt this throughthe online interactions of the course and writing tasks that I havebeen completing. Have understood important elements of academicwriting that will propel my quest for knowledge to higher heights.After six weeks of learning, I am now an established student withgood communication and writing skills.

Iam now a more knowledgeable and experienced writer and a student.Unlike the beginning, I am now a student who can write about events,ideas and generate conclusions from arguments. I have become orientedto ethics, beliefs and social topics that define the current socialworld. According to whatI have internalized, thebest way to express knowledge and social competence is not justreading or writing about it, it is about practicing it. It is now mychallenge to practice what I have learnt in writing more content,studying better and more so shaping my personality while relating topeople.