Why the internet has made a significant influence in my life.

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Why theinternet has made a significant influence in my life.

Mylife has been greatly influenced by the ongoing technologicalimprovements.My tendency to optimization of technology has made a significantinfluence in my daily life, especially the way I study and thecommunication with people. Everything is a Double-edged sword. Aswell as that technology also has pros and cons. Althoughtechnology makes my life easier and saves on time, it increases thesocial distance between my colleagues and I.Eventhough digital technology has made some negative influence in mylife, there is no doubt thattechnology makes my life more joyful and colorful.

From mypersonal experiences, I think the best part of digital technology isthe Internet. As an international student in another country, I donot have the chance to see my parents often. The 13 hours flightdistance really turn me apart with my parents, but the digitaltechnology helps reduce my homesick. For instance, I can text andsend my daily photos to my parents to let them know I am doing fine.Moreover, Ican use free internet-based services (such as Skype) to see myparents on the screen and communicate with them live.This bridges the geographical gap between my parents and I at arelatively no cost. The reason I love the internet so much is that Ihave some special feeling about Skype, because it helps me go throughtough times. Icame to study in the U.S. five years ago when I was 15 years old. Thefirst month was like hell for me and my whole world had totallychanged becausenothing seemed familiar to me.I was struggling with poor English, unfamiliar living environment,and new people. I lostmy appetite and became afraid of talking with people. Sometimes Ifelt so lonely and even scared. During that time, I kept myself busywith Skype, chatting with my friends and parents through theinternet. The encouragement and support from my friends made mestronger to fit in the new life. Without the Internet, Icannot imagine how I would have managed through that dilemma.Infact internet did not only help me go through my first month in theU.S., but it has also been useful in my study life.

Before thepopularity of the network, Iused to read booksto get information. This type of reading wastes time because at timesone has to search for information from irrelevant passages. Unlikebooks, searching on the Internet can save a lot of time. Googleand Wikipedia have become my preferred search tools.They always stay with me whenever I have to write a research paper.Every time, I just put in the key words in the Google search bar andsuddenly thousands of information links pop up. Althoughsearching in the internet saves on time, it has some disadvantages.For example, everyone can post ideas on the website, including thosethat do not have certification authority.Thismeans that it is possible for me to learn the wrong ideas online.

Digitaltechnology has greatly changed the way I communicate with otherpeople. For example, it has become difficult for me to live without acell phone and LTE network.Itouch my phone during most of the day time, especially when chatting,playing instagram, and twitting.Although the smart phone keeps me in touch with my friends, itexpands the physical distances between my friends and I. Thisis because online communication has reduced the need for me to visitand chat with my friends face-to-face.Since everybody has a smart phone and download tons of applications,people are busy with it. Talks during meals have become a rarepractice and the time of enjoying beautiful views with friends in theoutdoors is disappearing. Sometimes, I sit with my friends, but Irealize that everyone is touching the screen. I feel like we aresited so close, but my heart and mind are slowly getting away.

It isundeniable that digital technology has made a significant influencein my life. However, the digital technology, especially the internethas made both positive and negative impacts on my life. The positiveones include the ease of communicating with my parents and friendsand the ease of conducting research through the internet. On thenegative side, the internet has reduced the value of physicalcontact, which is killing my ability to establish intimaterelationship with other people. Since the internet is one ofinevitable technological advancements, it is my responsibility tocontrol it and use in the right way to avoid the negative influence.