Why Would A Woman Choose Abortion Over Adoption?


WhyWould A Woman Choose Abortion Over Adoption?

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WhyWould A Woman Choose Abortion Over Adoption?

HarryD. Boonin, the author of the book titled “A defense of abortion,”(2011) defines abortion as the termination of pregnancy. The authorasserts that an abortion can be natural or induced. In addition, hecontinues explaining that the natural cause is known as miscarriage,whereas induced cause means terminating a pregnancy with plannedmotives (Boonin, 2011).

Theauthor argues that the reasons for inducing abortion may be due tothe medical condition of the mother, however, some women procureabortion due to selfish reasons. Moreover, Boonin (2011) argues thataccording to statistics, abortion rates are increasing year afteryear (P. 16). The author critically looks at an extensive variety ofarguments that attempt to exhibit that each human fetus has a rightto life (Boonin, 2011).

Fora better understanding on why women choose abortion over adoption,Laurie Shrage gives an explanation in her book “Abortion and socialresponsibility” (2003). In this book, the author argues that forsome women, having an early abortion would be less upsetting thanexperiencing nine months of pregnancy just to hand their child overto somebody else for adoption. Besides, the author clarifies thatkeeping the pregnancy implies that they will have to tell theirguardians or partners about the pregnancy. This may cause issues ifthe victims are young or in a harsh relationship.

Additionally,Boonin agrees on this point. In his book “A defense of abortion”(2011), he clarifies that many young people choose the abortionoption to hide the pregnancy from their parents. However, there aremuch better options than both abortion and adoption. Solinger (2010)argues that it is easy to make sure that a person does not getpregnant, either by using two forms of birth control or by avoidingunprotected sex.

Solinger(2010), the author of the book “Abortion wars: A half century ofstruggle” affirms that better education and empowerment for womenwould mean that they are more aware of the choices they have toprevent pregnancy. In addition, Solinger (2010) asserts that thereshould be enough support available for women who do get pregnant sothat they get encouraged on keeping and raising their own babies.Moreover, the author argues that the adoption is not a solution toabortion (Solinger, 2010, p. 36).

Moreover,according to J. H. Reiman, the author of the book “Abortion and theways we value human life” in 2009, women chose abortion becausethey do not want to become parents, or they are preventing the wholepregnancy experience. Solinger (2010) adds that in a few cases, thereare mothers who have been assaulted or abused and cannot stand toexperience pregnancy. Additionally, the author claims that suchparents require psychological help to help them recover from themental disturbance that may influence them to fear the childbearingprocess.

Solinger(2010) writes that an adoption is a decent alternative forindividuals rather than abortion in his book “Abortion wars: A halfcentury of struggle.” According to the author, adoption is a decentchoice if a person is doing it from free will. On the other hand, itis the mother’s decision to decide on whether to keep the child.The author also argues that the best option is keeping the baby.Alternatively, a close relative can seek legal custody of the childto keep track of their bloodline to avoid intermarriage between closerelatives in future cases (Solinger, 2010, p. 327).

Boonin(2011) argues that an abortion is a wrongdoing against all thingsmoral, yet individuals would rather have their infants crushed tobits and sucked out with a vacuum, instead of having them grow uptogether with an adoring family (Boonin, 2011). If abortion gotunlawful women, who would not like to raise their children would havean unlawful abortion. That would mean an ascent in women not havingthe capacity to have more children dying. On the off chance thatabortion was a wrongdoing then why are all these women not going tojail. Why ought to an assault exploited person be compelled to conveyan attacker`s infant? Why ought to the mother be compelled to conveya child that has died in the womb? Why should a woman die when herwellbeing is danger like the woman in Ireland?

Thereare extraordinarily numerous reasons why a mother may decide to havean abortion. She may have been assaulted, may have a mass wellbeingconcern, or may simply not need an infant at that minute in time forwhatever reason. Concerning that last reason, no person has the powerto judge an alternate human for anything they do. There are numerousreasons women prematurely end, the vast majority of which are closeto home and are circumstances a person would need to survive to getit. The author urges people not to pass judgment on others forprocuring an abortion since one may not understand why they chose todo it (Shrage, 2003).

Shrage(2003) asserts that some people think it will be less demanding tosimply abort the child and forget about it however, numerous womenfeel remorseful &amp lament abortions. Both are tragic to theindividual who experiences it, yet at any rate with appropriation theyoungster gets to have the opportunity to live &amp will probably bereceived by individuals who truly need to be folks. An alternate &quotA&quotstatement, restraint, is the best decision for adolescent, singleindividuals who would prefer not to be in a circumstance where theyneed to settle on this decision.

Asociety will directly impact one`s conduct, and there are someindividuals who are contending that abortion is ethically wrong onthe premise that a baby is a guiltless person, then again, there arestill a gathering of individuals who are not concur with that. If thepublic permits women to procure abortion lawfully, the peace in thecountry will follow. Since the individuals will become unscrupulous,and they will never feel any regret after doing wrong actions, forexample, abortion, thus the society will be terrifying (Boonin, 2011,p. 76).

Thenagain, the performing of wrongdoing will build accidentally becauseof the vice of the human. Other than that, in the creating nation,there may perhaps emerge an occurrence where the natives are absenceof facts about the sexual intercourse, therefore, the individualsthere are unconscious with respect to the circumstances and resultsof abortion and cool sexual practice. Besides, this will support upin the of contamination venereal infection because of brutality insexual action, for example, AIDS, which are basic in nowadays.

Amost noticeably bad wellbeing state of the pregnant women may noturge to carrying on the pregnancy, because there will be a danger tothe infant and the pregnant women as well. Women who utilizationsedates regularly will experience the ill effects of genuinewellbeing issues, sexually transmitted sicknesses, and mentalwellbeing issues. Studies have observed that no less than 70 percentof women who are medication clients have been sexually abused by theage of sixteen (McDonagh, 2010).

Drugabuse is a genuine wellbeing issue for some reasons. A woman who isaddicted to drugs might be at the danger of contracting HIV, whichcauses AIDS. These infections might be spread through unnecessaryused to instill drugs. Subsequently, women who infuse medications andoffer needles are particularly at the danger. A mother whomutilization medications might potential danger her life and herbaby`s (Reiman, 2009, p. 177).

Atthe point when a pregnant woman abuses drugs, she and her unborn tykemay confront health issues. According to McDonagh (2010), throughoutpregnancy, the drugs utilized by the mother can enter the infant`scirculation system. The impacts on the child could be HIVcontamination, AIDS, rashly, low conception weight, little head size,poor engine aptitudes and conduct issues. The mother who isproceeding with medication utilization will puts her kids at dangerfor disregard, physical misuse and unhealthiness (McDonagh, 2010).

Shrage(2003) asserts that issues of social, economic and financial state ofpregnant women can influence a woman to procure an abortion.Moreover, there will be some particular effects resulting from theabortion. Crime rate in the country is to some extent identified withthe abortion, because pregnancy resulting from assault might probablybring forth an undesirable youngster, as a result, the pregnant womenwill choose to end it prematurely (Shrage, 2003, p. 96).

Inaddition, education in a certain country will influence the thoughtof abortion in the general population. Moreover, the guidelines andregulations of a nation will also have an impact to the individuals.Notwithstanding, inclination of financial will delineate in the rateof the abortion rate, for instance, throughout high unemploymentrate, the abortion rate will go high also, and it might because ofthe budgetary issue which will stand up to by the family later.


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