Wrong Site Surgery Prevention


WrongSite Surgery Prevention

Surgeryis a critical medical area in which preventable errors can occur.This has prompted the efforts of the medical practitioners to developa step program for preventing the occurrences of wrong site surgery.According to Watson (2011), the below are some of the steps for wrongsite surgery prevention:

  • The first step includes the verification of the accuracy of information provided in the schedule request for an operation. This involves an exact description of a proposed site, procedure, and side appropriately.

  • It is critical to conduct a documented, reconciliation, and independent verification of the patient’s information prior their arrival. The information should include the schedule of the surgery, surgeon’s record, and consent.

  • On the day of the surgery, the medical practitioner in charge should prepare the patient and inform him/her that the surgical team will verify their information to prevent the possibility of occurrence of errors.

  • On the day of surgery, again, the surgical team should perform an independent verification of the of the patient’s information that includes the schedule, consent, and history of the surgeon.

  • The medical practitioners should implement a protocol in which they should use to mark surgical site. They should later on confirm the location of the specific surgery using hyper technology once more.

  • The medical practitioners in charge should also develop a protocol that involves all members of the surgical team.

  • The management should establish a policy for the staff responsible for cleaning the surgery room in between the procedures to identify and dispense any information regarding a patient to the designated staff.

  • Cultivate and promote organizational dedication to prevent wrong site surgery.

  • Educate the relevant staff on how to prevent wrong site surgery and continually reinforce the importance.

  • Finally, the organization should implement a technique for monitoring progress on wrong site prevention approaches and a system for providing feedback.


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