X-ray of the FedEx package

X-rayof the FedEx package


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TheIRS would be allowed to inspect the package without a warrant toinspect the package of Young as the IRS believed that he was shippinghis sale proceeds using the federal express. The federal express hadagreed to allow the IRS to X-ray the packages that were shipped byYoung. The packages were found with large amounts of money. The IRSwould be allowed to X-ray the packages even without warrant as thefederal express allowed (Meiners, et al. 2014). IRS would also beallowed to X-ray the packages as no reasonable person would expect toretain his privacy interests in a shipment package after he or shesigns an air bill that contains an explicit, written the warning thatauthorizes the courier to directly act in contravention to theinterest.

TheIRS would be allowed to X-ray the package as the federal express hadtold its customers two things with one being not to ship money andthat they may open and inspect their packages at the option of theFederal Express. As a matter involving the law, this eliminates anyexpectation of privacy. The law affirms that IRS could be allowed toX-ray the package even without a warrant. The IRS would stop Youngand inspect briefcase while driving along the highway in Florida(Princeton Hall 2004). The agent would demand to inspect thebriefcase as they could be suspecting that the briefcase containsmoney that has been stolen are even not money at all. As statedearlier no reasonable person would drive along with money in his orher briefcase as a matter of security hence the agent would inspectYoung’s briefcase even while driving along the Florida highway.


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